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I had a chance to take a look at TopProducer 8i, the latest version of the contact manager/organizer from the Richmond, British Columbia firm. My thoughts from a laymen's perspective.The product is now released and not in Beta anymore. The company intends to do a slow rollout from 7i to 8i by Jun...
If we pay attention the field of real estate is a great classroom for learning many things about life. You are constantly learning things about people and situations as you interact with them. The lessons never end. Some agents learn the lessons quickly and don't make the same mistakes again. Oth...
In guiding buyers in finding the best place to live I think many Realtors may have forgotten what used to be an important factor and that is to stress location, location, location.If that house out in the burbs is 75 minutes into work each day, maybe those granite countertops and the tree in the ...
We see it with buyers all the time lately. We see it with For Sale By Owners. We see it with those that can't make up their mind about needing a Stager or not. Buyers can't decide. For Sale By Owners think they have decided. Those that need the services of a great Stager are confused. What we hav...
In all the criteria I've seen for hiring a Real Estate Professional (Realtor, Stager, Inspector, Loan Officer, Appraiser, etc.) I never hear what I think it should be.                        HIRE YOURSELF A GYM RATDo you know what they are? In basketball or boxing they are the last ones to leave ...
In reading several other blogs that touched on the topic of happiness and how to achieve it, I thought I would provide one key element that I have learned from children looking at houses for sale.Your typical set of parents in previewing houses are looking at the floorplan, the condition of the h...
I wanted to wish all those who read my little ponderings a very Happy Easter. Whether you are of faith and this is the day remembering the risen Christ or you just enjoy this time of year as a part of the world turning toward spring, I wish you well in having a nice celebration.Whatever your beli...
I have seen it. It starts as a little light in the eyes that grows brighter. You know it is usually in full bloom when it breaks out into a huge smile. REALTORS and Stagers have seen this effect when buyers finally emotionally connect with a house they want to buy and want to get to an offer stag...
Unfortunately for many houses for sale it is not the culmination of a progressive American dream. You know, that's where you raise the family in the Leave it to Beaver house, you get massive appreciation on the house which you bought 15 years ago, all the tulips line the garden in the front of th...
REALTORS are notorious for having a reputation of dropping a mid afternoon snack and running out to show their listing from a sign call. Is that impromptu, unplanned, dangerous, or what? But on the other hand REALTORS do have a knack for being incredibly flexible with their schedules. In today's ...

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