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There's a funny line that some people use when talking with them - "Don't confuse me with the facts!"Now certainly statistics can be slanted to "lie" whichever way you want to present them. Pollsters can ask questions in certain ways to get answers. But if you flat out just take surveys, the answ...
In time management I see from clients, coworkers, family, and friends that many people run through their life majoring in the minor events too often.If we have 16 to 17 waking hours to get done what we would like to, think of urgent and non-urgent activities, and apply important or not important ...
Too often overlooked in the selection of houses is a winning floorplan. I envy the new home builders over the pre-owned market because everything is so neatly tied up in a bow. Clean floor plans with all the dimensions are available to the buyer. I feel like an architect's assistant looking at th...
In many areas of Real Estate and life we are asked to make the call. They used to have the ads on the football games with a situation that was put before you to "make the call" and see if you got it right.The making the call was the fun part but the "getting it right" was the important part.In se...
In chatting with those in the real estate industry discussing the doldrums gets rather old at times. No, it gets old all the time, and as for me, I have had enough of it. One thing I try to point out to people is that                                  You Don't Know The End of the StoryJust the sh...
We Americans are a sentimental bunch. Either that or the Hallmark and American Greeting card companies have us under their spell. In between the major holidays like New Years, Easter, and Christmas we have other holidays we really get into like Mother's Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July, and Than...
In the turbulent world of real estate and lending, this year's Super Bowl outcome provided two very valuable lessons for life. Real estate sales have taken a tumble and the short term outlook for their recovery is not good. Many lenders have suffered through the fiasco of the subprime debacle and...
In discussing pricing with home sellers, and the importance of pricing a property correctly to sell, the conversation always comes back to the market. I like the phrase                                              IT IS WHAT IT ISMarkets, like life, do not care about your feelings about how they ...
A slow news day in Real Estate, SO, I thought I would pass on this latest amenity of a house to you all: REDNECK TREE SWING AND, It's a two seater. WHAT A DEAL !!! : )
Colleen Fischesser, fellow REALTOR and partner in crime from the great state of Washington here on this real estate social network, has tagged me to come up with a Hidden Gem amongst our peers who write blogs and provide much sharing among our members. The philosophy behind the Hidden Gems is tha...

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