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There are these ships typically used in mapping the ocean bottom and for detection and identification of underwater objects that have what's called side scan sonar. They can efficiently create an image of large areas of the sea floor. Do you have your sonar on? I do. In my peripheral vision I see...
Calling Dr. House. Dr. House?? No, not that House.What is going on with the housing market? What is the diagnosis these days? The central region of the country does seem to be holding its values better than the east and west coasts. Real estate is so intensely local even that isn't entirely true ...
A trend over the last five years or so both in remodeling homes and from new homebuilders is the advent of the specialized game room or Home Theater. Many larger homes that had four or five bedrooms have been making these conversions. The shift has gone from the built in entertainment center with...
As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday some selected quotes below on gratitude. When times are great I think it is easy to say we are grateful. When times get tougher due to illness, unforeseen circumstances, (or changes in a housing market), we may struggle to say we are thankful. But a gratefu...
In working with buyers the chart below from the National Association of Realtors reinforces how important it is to maintain relationships with friends, family, new clients, and past clients. It depicts how buyers find an agent to serve their needs. Oftentimes past clients complain that Realtors n...
With many more sellers coming on the market these days especially with older houses, a common question arises about remodeling. If I put that new room addition over the attic last year will that fetch me more for my house and how much more? My tax appraisal probably doesn't reflect that. Which up...
A question was asked, "Who are your Balcony People?" The answer in the real estate world is your team consisting of your excellent agent, your creative lender, your sharp title company, your detailed inspector, your professional stager to name a few.What I mean by this are people in your corner. ...
We had a very horrific traffic accident out on the Interstate in our area this week. A tanker truck lost control of his vehicle and slid across a concrete median, rolling on its side and exploding. The driver ran out of the truck on fire and later died at the hospital. The passenger, his brother-...
I got to thinking that buying a new home for an individual or family is more than just a piece of the American dream. If you recall the quote at Ellis Island it went something like this: "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. "When you think of working hard ...
Understanding how powerful a buyers rep agent is to a buyer more and more each day, I'm starting to wonder why any buyer looking at properties WOULD NOT want buyer representation. Most of the time it is educating the buyer on why it is beneficial to them. Not only in most cases is it free, and pa...

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