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The topic on the agenda for day is disconnection. You would not believe in reading REALTOR web sites how many offer their lives up as 24/7 warriors to provide excellent "customer service" to their clients. How do they fit in sleep? Maybe they sleep walk? To me 24/7 is not service it's craziness. ...
As the season for decorating Christmas trees, houses with lights, and glorious displays in shopping malls comes upon us I got to thinking about those wild cars I see many Realtors have. Is this branding thing getting worse in slower markets or are the egos getting so large many are just driving a...
Thinking of the image in the summer of a dog lounging in the sun and taking a big old snooze made me think of the observation in life that, "People are lazy." I mean that in a kind way so let me explain.The sooner you understand this about human nature, the easier your life will be overall in all...
Trends are an area of real estate that are usually not discussed enough in listing presentations by most REALTORS. Perhaps discussed instead is where we are in this neighborhood whether it be a buyers or sellers market as stated as one snapshot in time.But in discussions, especially with sellers,...
In our state it is mandatory for the seller of a home to provide a written document called the Seller's Disclosure Notice to a buyer checking off the condition and operation of various aspects of the home.This is considered such a serious matter to the consumer that a revised edition came out in ...
Have you ever thought what makes a neighborhood? I've pondered this lately looking at small pocket neighborhoods, mid sized neighborhoods, and those gargantuan Master Planned Communities with golf courses and swim parks.I recall from yesteryear what made a neighborhood didn't seem so confusing as...
A question asked quite a bit by home sellers is what improvements do I need to make my home ready for sale? Do I really need to change the carpet or will shampooing it do just as well? What about remodeling the kitchen and baths? That roof is about 15 years old now and looking a little worn, coul...
It's all about attention. Everyone wants attention. In business and in real estate in developing web sites it's all about getting the eye balls to find you and read about your offering and decide to start working with you. There's the "stickiness" of the web site in how long people stay at your w...
It has always bothered me in the real estate world that with the mountains and mountains of paperwork to tend to, a little more effort on the Comparables Market Analysis (CMA) is in order. Entirely too many agents throw raw data at a customer on a handful of Actives and Solds and expect the clien...
 Holidays are just funny occasions. Sometimes people don't care what they are, just that for many they have time off from work and can kick back and rest a bit. They say home is where the heart is. Maybe that's why there's 38.7 million Americans traveling about on this day. Home is somewhere else...

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