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Trivia questio answerns for Sunday August 2, 20201. What name is usually given to bananas cultivated for cooking? Plantains2. Who had a flying carpet? Aladdin3. What bird lays an egg that is roughly a quarter of its body weight? A kiwi4. In cakes, what is the difference between icing and frosting...
Trivia question answers for Saturday August 1, 20201. What metals is Bell metal an alloy of? Copper and tin2. What is the Latin word for posion? Virus3. Who was the first US presidet to be impeached? Andrew Johnson4. What optical component is named for the bean whose shape it resembles? LensTrivi...
Trivia question answers for Friday July 31, 20201. What color is huckleberry? Blue2. Poseidon was the Greek god of what? The Sea3. What is a league? A unit of length4. Which side of the brain is reponsible for logic and rational thought? The left sideTrivia questions for Saturday August 1, 20201....
Trivia question answers for Thursday July 30, 20201. What is the chemical symbol for carbon? C2. What US Supreme Court case brought an end to racial segregation in public schools? Brown vs Board of Education3. What silent film star was "The Tramp"? Charlie Chaplin4. Elvis's manager, Colonel Tom P...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday July 29, 20201. What type of surface is curling played on? Ice2. What ingredient provides the pearls in bubble tea? Tapioca3. What are match "heads" made of? A type of phosphorous4. What plant when ingested (in small quantities) can make the oil of your skin ...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday July 28, 20201. Where was King Arthur's court? Camelot2. What type of creature was an Archelon? A turtle3. How many ounces in a gill? 54.What do you call filo pastry stuffed with chopped nuts and honey, or syrup? BaklavaTrivia questions for Wednesday July 29, 2...
Trivia question answers for Monday July 27, 20201. What kind of information resource takes its name from a Hawaiian word for "quick"? A  wiki2. What is January's birthstone? Garnet3. How many words rhyme with purple? None4. How many rivers does Saudi Arabia have? NoneTrivia questions for Tuesday ...
Trivia question answers for Sunday July 26, 20181. What is a male cat if a female cat is a queen? Tom2/ Who spoke the first recorded message "Mary had a little lamb"? Thomas Edison3. What is a Kissing gourami? Tropical fish4. Oil wrestling is the national sport of what country? TurkeyTrivia quest...
Trivia questions for Saturday July 25, 20201. What is the difference between caskets and coffins? Coffins have six sides while caskets only four2. What is an eyrie? The nest of a bird of prey3. What body of water separates Alaska from Russia? Bering Strait4. Tin or Aluminum is the traditional gif...
Trivia question answers for Friday July 24, 20201. What liquor is nicknamed "The green fairy"? Absinthe2. What are female elephants called? Cows3. In Disney's "Cinderella", what is the cats name? Lucifer4. What female dog is the secret object of Underdog's affection? Sweet Polly PurebredTrivia qu...

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