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 As a mortgage professional its always important to stay abreast of what the market is doing, and where the interest rates are going. I feel that its our duty to inform the potential borrower honestly. To help me do this I have found a good resource. This article below is posted at http://www.rea...
I found this report interesting, and perhaps you might too. This article can be found at: http://www.realestateabc.com/outlook.htm  Existing Home Sales - April Report Home Sales Pace Summary Sales of existing homes were UP 3.88% in February, when compared to January. Good news for three months in...
This information is great for mortage professionals. It was originally published on loan.com, but I place it here because its a credo that I think all mortgage professionals should live by.  Competitive Rate Quote You are a victim of price gouging when you are entitled to a better loan rate than ...
I know when I first started in the industry there were many words that I needed to learn. Like in any industry, there is slang and certain terminology that one must know in order to feel comfortable moving amidst professionals. Here is a link to a good site that has an html glossary of mortgage i...
In case you have been looking for a one stop shop for mortgage calculators and related resources, here you go: http://www.mortgageloan.com/calculator/ This site has a lot of great information in addition to the financial calculators that you can use on their site free of charge. Feel free to post...
I have been looking for different resources to do online marketing of our brokerage firm and am curious as to what other people / firms are doing out there. I know that you can use pay per click advertising, and search engine optimization, but what else is out there?Thanks for any thoughts you ma...
I recently found a company that provides, what I have found to be, the best looking and most professionally designed marketing materials that can be used by mortgage advisors and realtors. I don't know if you have had a chance to be exposed to this site, but I really like the material. Also, it m...
 I found a site yesterday where an experienced loan officer has created and posted a set of free CDs on how to go about the mortgage loan industry as a loan officer. The links to the different sections of the CD are listed along the left side of the site.  www.loanofficersurvival.com
L/Os...Here is an article that I got in a newsletter from www.loanofficersuccess.com. I thought I would give credit and share.  By Brian Sacks      www.loanofficersuccess.comHow to Handle Rate Shoppers -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------One of the t...
I have compiled some tips I have recently gotten from some kind Realtors on Active Rain for developing relationships with Realtors and earning their business. Tips from Realtors:1. Face to Face Appointments with realtors that are doing a lot of business.2. Send leads to them3. Offer to speak abou...

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