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I LIST and SELL Homes in San Diego and I want to Earn your Business. As a Proven and Trusted Market Leader in San Diego Real Estate, I provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for Buyers and Sellers covering the many areas of San Diego County. With over 25 years experience, I will provide you the "careful and guided expertise" you need and expect.
San Diego's Water Park Shows Off New SculptureWhile attending the Festival of Sail on the Embarcadero yesterday, I visited the water park across the street from the San Diego Bay gathering of the tall ships.As I approached the park, something was different. It glistened both in light and color an...
San Diego Builds Replica of San Salvadore's Ship Today is Day 3 of the Festival of Sail on San Diego Bay. This is an annual event celebrating the Maritime Heritage of San Diego but this year is very special. The San Salvadore lead the Tall Ship Parade into San Diego Bay of Friday and has now has ...
How to Buy a Solid Client Lead for Less than $35Hi Everyone, I am sorry I have not been around much the last number of weeks. Been busy and just wanted to take a little break and work on some new things in my business. So how do I buy a solid client lead for less than $35 initial cost? While the ...
My DreamboatDuring the July 4th holiday weekend, I was downtown on one of the boat peers and caught sight of this beauty. The vessel is actually a very dark blue but it was dark and I was glad to even get a photo, not wanting to use the speed light flash.It was very clear that the owners of this ...
Have You Ever Wondered About The Infused Color Orchids?I have been noticing more and more of the deep color orchids for sale and and they definetly looked like they were dyed as opposed to being natural hybrids. I looked up the topic and learned more about them, including the fact that these plan...
What's Important to Know About the San Diego Housing MarketsSan Diego Maritime Museum Tall Ship Parade Sept 3rd thru 7th, 2015 I think as consumers that much of your interest seems to be about what is happening to housing prices. We see reports where May prices dropped after increasing well over ...
Nature Reveals Some of Her Mysteries at the San Diego Birch AquariumYou are looking at a rare white leafy sea dragon with leaf like appendages, resembling pieces of seaweed. This is their natural defense against predators. They are a close relative of the seahorse and are found in the southern wa...
Can Staging a Home Actually Create Stress for the Sellers ?This question came up in a conversation with one of my current Sellers. As it happens, I staged the property and it took on a beautiful model-esque type of appearance. And while that is great for photos and exposing the home to other prof...
What can you do with such a nice photo?I have a lot of editing tools for photos that let's just say "don't always come out the best that they could have been". And then there are those photos where you needed no adjustment at all , they are just perfect they way they are. But what can you do with...
Just Another Beautiful Day in San Diego San Diego's Spring has been one of the best seasons to date. We even had a few sprinkles of rain to help keep the plants and flowers blooming. One of the best things about San Diego is the year around near perfect weather. In the Summer you never have to wo...

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