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William J Archambault Jr sharing 4 decades of lending and real estate experience. Through books and services of REII. Bill writes about and teaches real estate investment, real estate, lending, borrowing, credit, and sales. Bill is available as a speaker, trainer, hands on coach, or remote consultant.
  Today is Veterans Day.   Today is a day to remember not just those patriots that died.   Today is a day to remember not just those patriots that served.   Today is a day to remember not just those patriots that still serve.   Today is a day to remember their reasons, their faith, their enduring...
In a changing world some things, some people remain totally reliable! Tomorrow we’ll honor all our veterans, Monday we’ll take a day off, but today November tenth is special! The Few The Proud The Brave the United States Marines! Today is the two hundred and thirty seventh birthday of our Marine...
"You are right!" Like a smile nothing you can say warms my hart as quickly as when you point out the obvious, I get a warm glow. When you sincerely recognize my brilliance, it thrills me! When you accept my position, my point of view, it feeds my ego! I am arrogant, most of us are. I never meant ...
We have a President, not my choice, but we have one. It’s now a time for introspective soul searching by the GOP! If we ever hope to win again we’ve got to stop being mister nice guy. We lost because we let the other guys control our campaign. We lost because we deserved to. We lost by telling th...
Respect mutual respect, we respect our clients. We ask/except our clients to respect us. Is it to much to ask? Is it to much to except? It is! Respecting someone does require their or gain their respect!   It is not enough to respect the client and except respect in return. It is necessary to re...
A cowboy in a continental suit, absurd!Perhaps you should listen to Marty Robins before I make my point.     As the ballad tells us you can’t judge a man or a woman by their appearance. Real estate professionals can’t afford to forget that strangely dressed cowboy. Three people from my past come ...
Look at your license! Look at your agent’s license. Chances are it says: "Real Estate Broker," "Associate Real Estate Broker" or "Real estate Salesman." Do you understand? Many do not! A "Real Estate Broker" is one who buys and/or sells real estate for another. A "Real Estate Broker" can be a na...
How Can We Forget With attorneys television adds for asking if you’re the victim of fraud by predatory lenders. With so many blaming their foreclosure on their lenders, conveniently forgetting they were foreclosed on because they stopped making their payments. Claiming fraud! Claiming they were n...
Allowed, Allowable, Not-Allowed, Ambiguity, To Thine Own Self Be True Allowed: Following the letter of a law or regulation as it has been done acceptably before. The safest yet often costly of mistake of the uneducated and/or timid. Allowable: Stretching the law or regulations, based on known cas...
I recently saw a flyer offering tenants a $50.00 "incentive" for referring new tenants to the renter’s project. I also got an e-mail from the landlord thinking I was an active REALTOR® offering me a month’s rent as commission for a similar referral. Now I’m a big advocate of coaxing referrals fro...

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