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William J Archambault Jr sharing 4 decades of lending and real estate experience. Through books and services of REII. Bill writes about and teaches real estate investment, real estate, lending, borrowing, credit, and sales. Bill is available as a speaker, trainer, hands on coach, or remote consultant.
In Politics Real Estate & Life In politics, real estate and life he who controls the vocabulary wins! In politics if you control the words and you control the debate. In real estate if you control the words, you control the attitude. In life if you control the words you control the out come! I d...
  Do you know Romney according to most polls is now the preantenultimate candidate?   Do you believe it?   You know that Rick Perry put him in that portion. Don’t you?   Of course you could blame Ron Paul and his supporters.   Newt could have caused it, that could be the reason.   We can’t forget...
  Strange clients we all get them! Some even close, some become friends, most just pass through our lives wasting our time. Many such strange clients leave stories we can’t tell for many years because the people could be identified. Some so strange no one would believe them. But, some are heart w...
To Buy A Home / Step One. To buy a home, step One and step two are fully interchangeable.You need two fiduciaries, two people to look after your interest, to protect and serve you. It matters not witch one you pick first! The first one should help you pick the second! You’re going to need a real...
The first requirement in learning from anyone is to carefully listen to them. It’s exactly the same for the self taught! To learn you must listen! Carefully listen. Redundantly listen. Art Fettig says "Everything I ever learned I learned from a tape recorder." I won’t go that far, but I wouldn’t ...
I just had a distasteful experience on the phone it was a great lesson in how to kill a sale! Has salesmanship died? What’s happened to curtsey? Is respect obsolete? Are we no longer polite? Before we moved to Houston we’d sold our condo in Las Vegas and put our furnishing in storage. When we got...
  Selective hearing we’re all guilty!       Selective hearing we’re all victims!   Selective hearing starts early, it’s the first symptom of the terrible two’s. It starts innocently enough when a toddler realizes there are no consequences for not hearing Mom. To a child "No" means no only when y...
  Defeating personal ignorance is not easy, but it’s far from hard! Personal Ignorance Is An Incredible Opportunity , Only The Ignorant Can Do It! If what we want to do is reasonable. If what we want to do is practical. If what we want to do is desirable. Chances are it’s been done! If it’s been ...
Many of life’s greatest accomplishments could only be accomplished by those to ignorant to know it couldn’t be done. I’ve done allot over the years only because I was to naive to know better and to stubborn to listen to those who knew "it can’t be done!" I’d been selling real estate about a year...
  Personal Ignorance Is An Incredible Opportunity! Yes! Personal ignorance is an incredible opportunity! Experience and Expertise are often yoked together along with Pessimist and Procrastination, two teams pulling in opposing directions!   My readers may find it strange that I would praise ignor...

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