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William J Archambault Jr sharing 4 decades of lending and real estate experience. Through books and services of REII. Bill writes about and teaches real estate investment, real estate, lending, borrowing, credit, and sales. Bill is available as a speaker, trainer, hands on coach, or remote consultant.



The Three R’s While looking for something else I found this from 4 years ago, it seams approbate again. Random Rampant Ranting Sympathy Is Not Help! Emotional empathy cures nothing, no one! Caring can not overcome incompetence. Misery loves company. Caring incompetents are some times good company...
      Henry David Thoreau remarked in and at "Walden" on wasted time, "As if you could kill time without injuring eternity." The man who spent his time in transcendent meditation contemplating his big toe for all we know realized that wasted time alters eternity! How much time are you wasting? Do...
You've reached that point in your life, somewhere between 18 and senilty, that you want a home of your own. You locate a REALTOR® or better yet a Loan Originator and make your first mistake. You ask "how much can I afford?" This is possibly the second most asked question in real estate, the first...
Do you want to be right? Do you want to tilt with wind mills and blow hards? Do you want to right wrongs? Do you want things to make sense? OR Do you do it right? These are not the same questions! I’m known for tilting with windmills and  blow hards. Part The Man from La Mancha, part Lancelot. An...
  Are you going my way?   A agent is an animal with long funny ears,He kicks up at anything he hears.His back is brawny and his brain is weak,He's just plain stupid with a stubborn streak,So if you don't go to real estate school,You may grow up to be a mule!Or would you rather swing on a star,Car...
  Three Little Understood Terms. Real estate has a vocabulary all it’s own, derived from the common jargon, but specific to real estate and contract law. Real estate, lending professionals and attorneys have a duty to use them properly, but often misuse them through ignorance or deliberate abuse....

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