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William J Archambault Jr sharing 4 decades of lending and real estate experience. Through books and services of REII. Bill writes about and teaches real estate investment, real estate, lending, borrowing, credit, and sales. Bill is available as a speaker, trainer, hands on coach, or remote consultant.



Just because they look alike Condos and apartments are not the same! Just because they sell the same type of properties residential REALTORS® are not necessarily investment REALTORS®! Just because your state doesn't require different licensee for different specialities doesn't mean you're qualifi...
I was deleting e-mail early this morning when the subject line read: "Buy Low Sell High"  Trite, but always good advice. I had to look. Wow! I could send hundreds to buy stuff I could resell on the internet for thousands! Delete!  "Buy Low Sell High" is good advice, so what are we waiting for? In...
I wrote a blog a few days ago: My Real Estate Agent Just Ask Do You Want Fries With That? /action/blogs_admin/write/775479/action/blogs_admin/delete_entry/775479 Responding to Lenn Harley's, excellent blog: THE REAL ESTATE MARKET IS THINNING OUR RANKS, GOOD OR BAD NEWS?? Candice Reinke commented...
To understand the need for low down payment long term financing we must first accept that life is fleeting! Some things are most useful at certain times during life, the big home is most valuable when the family is young and together, empty nesters rarely need 4,000 sq. ft. 4 bedrooms and 3 ½ bat...
This vicious reptile lurks in the media, slithers from computers, flourishes in the internet, and hides in volumes of paper camouflaged in numbers, and appears spiting facttoids.. It's attack can only be detected by it's symptoms. It's victims should get very excited by each new opportunity, but ...
Brenda and I were out driving as we sat at a stop light we noticed the sign said $1.799 per gallon, I remarked "now it's only $1.50 high." I got to thinking about all that people especially young people are missing. Born in the first half of the last century, I didn't grow up rich. I did grow up ...
Praise tenants from whom all blessings flow; Praise tenants all landlords here gathered; Praise tenants above free loading in-laws; Praise father, mother, and six screaming brats.   From all that dwell in houses of mine; Let my guru's praise a-rise; Let my cheap decorator's name be sung; Through ...
Today is set a side to honor the veterans, it is also a good day to pity the pacifist. Pacifist cower in fear, hoping against all reason that the bullies leave them and their's alone. Pacifist have nothing so important, no passion, no belief worth dying for. Yet surely they will die many times b...
Today is the 233 birthday of the United States Marine Corps!   The smallest of the military services, and the least understood, the Marines exemplify service to God and Country. Traditionally first to fight, the Marines protect our sailors, our embassies, our very way of life, and it's said the s...
I've read that 401k's have lost 20% in the last year. Wow! I wipe my bough and think, We're self employed small businesspeople, we don't have 401k's we've got IRA's. We're safe! It's amassing, how comfortably reassuring, being ignorantly uninformed is! Most professionally managed IRA's are invest...

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