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Stupidity = "lacking intelligence or common sense!" So says my Correl Word Perfect 12's dictionary. At a time when it's become PC, Politically Correct for people to abandon perfectly good homes, even with good loans, because they are "up-side down," with their mortgage exceeding the current value...
Over and over again the TV commercials ask: "Do you have a structured settlement? Do you have a an annuity? Do you have a land contract? Do you have a contract for deed? Do you have an incoming private note?" We'll give you the cash you need! Ya, right! No one will give you anything! You have a v...
It is said that there is no greater love than the love of those that would give their life for another. There is no one who wants to die young and violently, yet our country has never lacked for volunteers to risk their lives to protect ours. Despite all the attempts to replace logic with hate, ...
Short sales, so many agents have discovered short sales, as if they were just invented. Many others are reluctant to get involved. More still assume they are some sort of entitlement, a right. They're wrong! Short Sales are a tool, an old Tool! Only the name is new to ease the mind of the guilty....
A new friend writes:  "How many people walked away from the homes in which they only had $500, $2,500, or $5,000 as down payment? But that's all they lost. And how many people lost their $40K, $60K and $100K?" My reply deserves it's own post. It's not the amount of the dollars that are invested t...
I read a recent well intentioned blog advising that you should not select a lender or loan based on the rate! That's great advice! Rate in itself is only one side of a coin! The other side of the coin is cost! Origination and discount cost! Loan costs come in two forms the origination fees that a...
It is said that life imitates art and that art imitates life. It is certainly true in our current real estate crisis. We are experiencing real tragedy, ironic tragedy, being upside down on a mortgage, the loss of value in some homes. We have comedy, in the form of advising potential home buyers t...
The sun is just rising when the little old octogenarian lady climbs the ladder to the huge John Deer parked in her shed! Balanced precariously, she hooks her right arm in the grip and scowls wickedly as she fishes in her pocket for keys to the cab. Keys she mumbles. Keys for a tractor, disgusting...
Today we all remember those hart warming things from our youth, those thoughts and memoirs we share with the first woman in our lives. Everyone has them, even Joan Crawford's kids, I sure. Many novels have been written trying to explain our Mothers! You're going to read a lot of loving tripe toda...
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