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$$$$$ Can often cloud our thinking process. We all can tell stories of people in our lives who have held out for top dollar, only to lose. This Post has some great examples that Sellers should be aware of.  A very costly mistake that I have seen many sellers make is refusing to accept their first...
Many home buyers mean well when they start looking for a home. Often they have some ideas in their mind as to what to do and not do. Here is a list of 10 mistakes you want to be sure to avoid. Follow this advise and you will come out way ahead and will have a wonderful experience of buying a new ...
According to Forbes  Cape Coral is 14th Fastest-Growing City in America: AMERICA'S FASTEST GROWING CITIES   Cape Coral has experienced some good activity in the past 7 days. There has been 81 Homes sold. Homes Pending is at 164. There have been 17 Price increases. Sale Price Jan-2013 was $130,000...
Asking questions and listening to the answers is the best way to serve the consumer. There is a solution to many people's needs that they may think does not even exist. By asking the questions and listening, we can often get to the root of how people make decisions. Providing a solution to their ...
That title sounds like a song doesn't it? I would like to form an answer to the question. Love, has everything to do with it. We have heard the word love so many times in so many different contexts that is seems to carry little meaning today. How would you define LOVE? I would define love as: Doi...
BUYERS TAKE NOTE: These tips will make a difference in your home buying experience. If you follow these tips it can save you: 1. Time 2. Worry 3. Heartache    If you are looking to buy a home in 2014 please first read my post Biggest mistake buyers make when buying a home and how to avoid it   ht...
There is an old song that says: NO MAN IS AN ISLAND. While we may often feel like getting away from everybody, in the long haul we really need each other. What can we do to make each other better? 1. Help each other to reach our goal.     We can help each other to keep moving towards to goal. The...
There is so much value in community. For in community there is sharing and caring. AR has proven that they are building community, even though we are many miles apart. I like that Tammie and another AR agent could pick up the phone and share for over an hour. The tips I receive make a tremendous ...
I have had a cold for a couple of days and I feel lousy. But I chose today to change my attitude. Most of the time we don't have the ability to change events in our day. It might rain, snow, be cold or too hot. Our car might break down or we get stuck in traffic. A contract was not signed because...

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