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Deciding what you want is the first step in developing your business plan you want consider not only monetary but other goals such as personal development and family time.Although your business plan will focus on the fiscal aspects of your business, having a clear understanding of your other goal...
Purpose of your business? Why are you in real estate?What is your Aim?What is your Goal?Did you enter this business to Control your time?Did you enter this business to Be Your Own Boss?Did you enter this business because you Like to Work with People?Did you enter this business because you Like To...
For those that do not know me I try to make a difference ... I do not rely on the government to help people (because it is not their job ... they have other things to worry about) ... So I take it upon myself, and I encourage you to do the same, to find a group that you can volunteer for and chan...
Seven Point Plan of Action1. How Much Do You Want To Earn?Be careful. Revenue is not income.  Revenue is the gross earnings before expenses and taxes.  Income is what you keep after all is said and done. Do not confuse the two. If you do not set yourself an income goal for the year, chances are v...
Here is an interesting twist that has 2 sides to this long-winded story of over-extended credit.  Many home-equity lenders are NOT foreclosing on loans that have become default.  Instead they are writing off the loan on their books and waiting.Waiting?  Yes, according to the article the lenders a...
ActiveRain Recognized by Leading ReportSocial networking grows to "idol" statusEvery year the widely respected Swanepoel Trends Report ( publishes their top 10 companies that the author Stefan Swanepoel believes during the previous calendar year set forth ac...
As written in the Wall Street Journal on the 15th of January, 2008 rents in many areas are falling.  Reason is fairly simple ... sellers that cannot sell need to get something for their home and rentals are really the only option.  This is cause for concern in many areas that are now seeing apart...
You should develop your business plan in three distinct yet inter-related areas.Design your Plan listing how many listings and buyers you must closeDesign your Business Development or Workload to define where your business will come from and how many activities you must do to meet your income goa...
Yes there is a connection between dieting and business planning.  Here goes:Have you ever received an invitation for a class reunion or family gathering.  After figuring out what to wear many of us think about losing weight before the event.  Let's say you have a goal to lose 20 pounds.  If all y...
Previously I discussed FOCUS if all you have is FOCUS and CLARITY you will have accomplished NOTHING if you do not have DIRECTION.  Direction is your Aim or Guidance.  Direction i...

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Thoughts and Commentary on Education, Training, Economics, Professionalism, Productivity and other things real estate oriented.,