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This is a simple question that I proposed to my "Little" from Big Brothers Big Sisters program.  I have volunteered for several years and find the program rewarding and a direct way to impact a child's life.  My little is 13 years old and is smart and reads a ton.  During a conversation I had cau...
If you live in Texas you probably know a lot of Aggie jokes.  And there are a lot of them.  However, I am amazed at some of the stories I hear and how vast the Aggie network is.  I am in the process of getting my MBA, round two ... first time I started this process I ended up creating CreateAPlan...
As an educator and speaker I am in full favor of community groups.  The benefit of colaboration is finding its way to the Ivory Tower.  Educators should be fully exposed to the community groups that blog and post on their particular subject.  As a creator of designations for the real estate commu...
News Flash Fannie Mae says appraisers are not to be induced or threatened to inflate appraisals by banks or lenders.  Shocker!  Never thought that Fannie Mae had to come out and actually tell banks and lenders that "You really shouldn't threaten appraisers with pulling business if they give you a...
If you did not read the latest article on the mortgage industry and how lenders are working with those in trouble here is some good and bad news.  According to the article over one million homeowners have had there loans re-worked to stay-off foreclosure.  This by itself is a very impressive numb...
I am venting.  Not to long ago I was attending an Expo for a large nationally recognized company.  I was speaking and had also setup a booth at the trade-show (not something I normally do but this group was an exception).  The first night of the Expo I had to leave early to meet a vendor who work...
Anyone can set a goal, but goals offer no means to accomplish themselves.  Goal-setting is as arbitrary as making the statement; "I want to earn a million dollars!"  If you want to earn a "million dollars" a business plan will define what you will need to do to realize your ambition.  A goal is j...
You need to have the ability to check your progress.What good is creating a business plan, if all you plan on doing with it is throwing it in your desk draw never to be seen again?Your business plan in-and-of-itself is just a toolA tool to guide you to your desired goalA tool to help you make cha...
Do you know the BEST thing about the real estate sales business?Everything works!By this I mean there are countless ways to develop business and market your services in this industry.  From Open Houses to Floor Duty to Farming to Canvassing to Cold Calling to the Internet and beyond.Personally, I...
Timetables are a part of everyday life.  In Planning your Business you need to set timetables.If you made the statement "I want to make a million dollars!" how long do you have to do thatA Week?A Month?A Quarter?A Year?A Lifetime? Your timetable will help you in defining your business plan.  With...

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Thoughts and Commentary on Education, Training, Economics, Professionalism, Productivity and other things real estate oriented.,