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I have recently moved and I for the first time used a moving company.  Prior to this move I have moved 14 times as an adult ... not including the 9 different moves while my father was in the Air Force.  So I know about moving.  I researched and got quotes from several movers, I did not go with th...
On June 11th the Wall Street Journal published an article titled "Some Buy a New Home to Bail on the Old", the article discusses the fact that some homeowners are buying a new home claiming that their existing home is being rented and then simply letting the first home go into Foreclosure.  The a...
Sometimes having been in this industry so long that I have become jaded to some of the fades that have come and gone, remember the recipe cards sent every month?  Staging is the latest in (I won't call it a fad) classes that I have to question.  As an agent I always spoke with my clients, and tau...
Let's just be frank and straight forward.  For those of you that think Business Planning is a process of listing out your goals and showing them to your manager I will give you a one-word summation "BROKE" ... which is probably what you will be if that is your plan.  In a down market your busines...
Recently read an article about short sales and a comment on the article was from a client of a NATIONALLY known coach who said (Paraphrase) 'Don't do short sales because they take too much time and are too emotionally draining and you don't get full commission' That is a bunch of *&^%$#Here was m...
Tax Ramifications of a short sale ... prior to taking the Certified Short-Sale Professional course from RealtyU I was under the impression that you you would be given a 1099 for the amount that was forgiven by the lender.YES and NO - If you are INSOLVENT (read previous blog
I just finished a short-sale course that was very impressive, Certified Short-Sale Professional Course from RealtyU.  I have been in real estate many many years and was floored by some of the myths I had about short-sales.Myth #1 - Your Total Liabilities must be more than your Total Debt - essent...
From Inman News comes the LLC, a company that operates a Web site that matches people with rooms to rent with tenants, may have violated fair housing laws by requiring users to disclose their sex, sexual orientation and whether they had children who would live them, an appe...
Top 5 challenges facing real estate agents today are discussed in detail in the Swanepoel Trends Report for 2008.  However, the National Realty News did a nice summary of these challenges in an article posted on March 6th ... URL=
This is a play on words to some extent.  The Fed has raised the Jumbo amount to over $700k in some areas.  The Fed also believes that by raising the Jumbo loan limits that there will be much more refinancing over the next several months making late spring and into the summer a better economic pic...

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Thoughts and Commentary on Education, Training, Economics, Professionalism, Productivity and other things real estate oriented.,