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I don't know about other states but in Illinios certain traps on drain lines are not allowed. The most common one that I see is the S Trap which is very common in older homes that have had a second or third bathroom installed in the past few years and the homeowner had done the work themselves. I...
Everybody likes blonde jokes, me too because I'm married to one(blonde not a blonde joke). A while back I was doing a home inspection for a buyer(yes a blonde) and I discovered a gas leak by the water heater. She then proceeded to tell a story about one day her mother had called her at work and w...
A lady went into a bar in Miles City and saw a cowboy with his feet propped up on a table. He had the biggest boots she'd ever seen. The woman asked the cowboy, "Is it true what they say about men with big feet?" The cowboy grinned and said, "Shore is, little lady! Why don't ya come on out to the...
I Have seen other people posting their bikes on here so I went and took some pictices of my bike too! Its 2001 Heritage Softail Classic with a Harley Davidson Radical paint job. I used to ride 1996 Dyna Glide Lowrider, But this is a much more comfortable ride, Much better for those long rides.  
 Computer Repair Finally, after going through a virus attack, losing a hard drive, fighting off hackers, upgrading all my software, installing firewalls, being threatened with being cut-off by my email provider and a host of other problems...I have fixed my computer... and NOW it works exactly th...
Here she is! My 2001 Heritage Softail Classic, with a radical Harley Davidson Paint Job.  One day while at a Harley dealer in wisconson picking some parts for a friend my wife noticed this bike on the showroom floor, She says jim you have to see this paint job it is awesome, I agreed that it was ...
As an inspector sometimes you need to decide if you should move something in the house during an inspection. My preinspection agreement states that I do not move furniture and such. I have been known to slide a couch or table a foot or two to get at an outlet or whatever, moved a box or two to ge...
My wife and I both have busy schedules and don't get to ride as often as we like, but when we get the chance we like to head for the open road out in the country on our 01 Heritage softail custom. It helps us to relax meet new people and leave our troubles behind. Northern Il and Southern WI have...
When sellers insist on staying home for the inspection many things can happen some good some bad it depends on the seller. Some sellers think that nobody can find things in the home but them, like light switches or garage door openers. Some sellers are very nice and go about their normal routine ...
Some agents in the area tease me that I only find loose toilets on inspections for their buyers. The truth is that I find loose toilets in most homes. A lot of people do not think that it is problem worth addressing right away, but I have had a few clients call me a year later to tell me that wis...

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