My original post - "Actually there is a right way to blog" generated a couple comments and this post is in response to Jerry Aulenbach in particular.  Jerry's comment is below. The only reason I read the whole darn thing is because I know you are for real and know your stuff. After reading it, I...
This morning I recv'd this email and I took the following actions.   Message details: From: Rubel Ousmane Email: Subject: Business relationship (Sent via Activerain) Dearest one, Please I would like to enquire your advise if you can be of my help. I want you to help me in ...
"Some folks think too much. My advice to folks?  Just do it." "I use my blog for lead generation." "Keeps you connected - most of all to the consumer."  Above are quotes from comments made in support of Amy Gooden's recent blog post "There is no wrong way to blog." here on Active Rain today.  Am...
For the sake of your business and its long-term vitality, do not spend another dime on social media marketing, advertising, blogging until you understand the next few paragraphs. BEWARE OF JOHNNY COME LATELY'S! Social Media is for most, an emerging industry, many business owners are just now tryi...
I know that may sound odd.  In fact, you may completely disagree with that statement.  I don't care if you're Canadian or American, the statement goes for voters in both countries.  DON'T VOTE!   Sure voter apathy is a problem for some and for an explanation of why I'm making this statement go to...
Recently I've been fortunate enough to be asked to write several articles for different publications.  Examples are presented here on the main site.  Writing for traditional media sources obviouisly allows me to reach a larger audience and get my social media message out.  If writing doesn't come...
I asked a sort of "question of the day" on Linkedin which I'll repeat here.  What is your favorite blog?  Please leave a comment and the link to your favorite blog on my main blog here where the list is growing, this is so we can consolidate rather than create two separate lists.
Sometimes in business you miss the mark, thankfully I can say that we rarely miss once at the proposal stage.  However, that was not the case here.  We recently had a substantial proposal rejected.  A large firm found on the Internet via our social media efforts.  A top-exec touche...
Prime Minister Harper is following me on Twitter.  You can follow me on Twitter too if you like just for fun...What I hope will happen is that rather than just being cool, he'll learn why he and his party are on Twitter and the power behind it. I should let everyone know in the Edmonton area know...
When sitting in some of the boardrooms that I have, listening to executive teams talk about social media I find that my mind wanders, for me it's starting to sound like the same bad "b" movie is being remade with different actors.  I can zone out and come back in to the conversation and know prec...

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