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In part 1 we discussed how difficult is is to locate your website based on your content or area of focus. The major search engines like Google and Yahoo (yes there are others) are basically an index of sites that use the web page title, the Meta Description and text content of the site to determi...
An article in today's Orlando Sentinel showed that downtown Orlando condo developers are finally facing the hard reality that we are overbuilt. This has been one of the head scratching issues for the last year. Why are developers continuing to make plans to build more when what is available is no...
Just about everyone in the mortgage and real estate business has a web presence. You have a web site, a blog, or at least a web page. If you do not I’ll bet you a good lunch that you are thinking about getting one. Most people spend all of their time on the “look” of the site. They focus on the l...
A long time associate, friend and mentor of mine, Moe Davis is writing a book about football, life and motivation. I asked Moe to send me an excerpt from the book. This article is based on a forthcoming book by Moe Davis. The book is the fictional account of Bobby Biggers and his rise from obscur...
I’m Lee Walsh, this is my blog about the real estate and mortgage business and how to make new business friends. I am close to my 20th year in the mortgage industry (it doesn’t seem that long). I’ve worked in residential and commercial lending in both wholesale and retail management. Before I ent...

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