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Last Sunday I was driving from my home in Seminole county to Lady Lake, a few mile past the Mt. Dora exit on 441 I was hit with a smell that took me back 40 - 50 years in time. All of a sudden my senses were flooded with the pungent smell of  orange blossoms. It made me realize that I was on the ...
Are you on the fence trying to decide if now is the time for you to buy property or refinance an existing property? Does all of the bad press about housing and finance have you concerned that the timing is bad?It seems that if you poke you head up at all you are bombarded with news stories and op...
The Home Valuation Code of Conduct – will not help!It has missed the mark. The N.Y. Attorney General made Fannie and Freddie roll over and agree to sweeping changes in the way mortgage appraisals are ordered. The agreement completely isolates the appraiser form the real estate agent and the mort...
You just receive an e-Card from a friend - !Virus alert! (Part 2 – the solution)   In Part 1 of this post I discussed the E-Card virus, which is really a catchall name for a number of Trojan type viruses that attack your PC. So what applications can help you when you have those pesky little thin...
You just receive an e-Card from a friend - !Virus alert! (Part 1) In our business we often receive thank you notes from clients, vendors and business associates. So receiving an e-mail announcing that you have an E-Card message is not unusual. It’s not unusual, but it could be dangerous to open....
If your like me the answer is way to many! I read a post on John Ford's Blog where John brought up the problem of having to many sites with login and password access. It's a problem that can have you turning green.  I mentioned to John about the application I use to combat this growing irritation...

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