Home Prices Going Up

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Home prices going up in Metro Atlanta



1. Thou shalt NOT change jobs, become self emploted or quit your job. 2. Thou shalt NOT buy a car,truck or van ( or you may be living in it) ! 3. Thou shalt NOT use charge cards excessively or let your accounts fall behind. 4. Thou shalt NOT spend money you have set aside for closing. 5. Thou sha...


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Thigh supplies of homes for sale, are driving the prices up all over the USA, as soon as a home comes in the markert, it is gone with multiple bid situation, and above the asking price. If you know somebody that wants to sell their home and needs a CMA, I can help with that in Metro Atlanta. This is the right time to sell sience schools are out and families are looking at moving during the summer time. Interes rates are going up, but still low comparing to a few years ago, low mortgage rates, high buyer demand, and a high number of investors are all helping to drive home prices up in many housing markets. Prices are rising despite major improvements in the economy, particularly with jobs and incomes.