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I know you hear us inspectors whine and nag about the shubbery is too close to the house.  I see it frequently and I know it sounds like we report it all the time.  But please take a peek at what can happen when our advise on shrubbery is not taken.        
As you can see the professionals that installed these fixtures just didn't care for the safety of the homeowner.  I know this area does not have or enforce any type of building codes but this was a "stick" built in 1998.  I hope this was done not to eventually hurt anyone but was done by unskille...
Greg revisits a post subject that has been blogged  about many times.  It happens to us all on a regular basis.  It seems different areas and different people handle this matter as professionally as possible but in the end it is for the client so that they might be best equipped to make the most ...
It seems everyone knows that the door leading to an attached garage from the residence needs to be at least a one hour burn through fire rated door.  A hollow core non fire rated interior type door to the garage is not an option.   (below a picture of a common hollow core door)   It seems that du...
Whenever there is a sound and true method of installing a product, why do people try to experiment.  On a recent inspection I observed this foundation pier to be correctly installed. Although it looks like the HVAC vent is resting on the pier, that is for a later blog.  I went further under the c...
It seems like on almost every inspection report that some inspector complains that  trees or some type of shrubbery is planted too close to the residence.  I hear it all the time, that it looks so custom with a tree or some type of foliage close the house and the current owner sees no problem wit...
Thank you Clint for your service to Ar and its contributors.  This issue might affect everyone of us and now we are aware of just how simple it is for someone to access our credit if you carry these rf cards. The video was very clear how easy it is for someone to steal our account information. Ev...
This is a blog from Gina in Orange County, Ca. that applies to every person serious about making a home purchase.  She explains clearly the importance of a home inspection and what  clients should expect for when they receive a written inspection of the residence they plan on purchasing.Home Insp...
Thanks to Cheryl, this might make your charts and graphs a whiz.  These colorful displays make your information so much more easy for others to understand . FREE!!! Easy to Create Charts and Graphs site for making Market Reports in Minutes! I'm new to creating Charts and Graphs. I had put off wri...
Cheryl, These tips are without a doubt the best way for me to increase my "google juice".  Thanks for the info.  I will bookmark these tips so that I don't miss any of your helpful hints.Accidental SEO: I must be doing SOMETHING right! But What??? Yesterday I posted about the Challenge I'm comple...

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