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Many of our competitors claim to cover the entire nation, but Valuation Nation actually provides real estate appraisal services for every property in America! We operate a state of the art ordering and tracking system and rely on the diligence and expertise of the best, nationwide real estate app...
The website has a lot of nice features: FAQ, contact info, meeting minutes, links to rules, and links to all applications available. The state appraisal board is listed under the department of consumer affairs, which is part of the office of the attorney general. A nice site that is very helpful ...
PA has a nice website for the Department of State. The real estate appraisal regulation is listed with the Bureau of Professional & Occupational Affairs (BPOA). Their latest newsletter concerning real estate appraisals is from the Spring of 2007: any point in reading it? The newsletter portion of...
"The Louisiana Real Estate Appraisers Board is the state government agency that administers and regulates the real estate appraiser licensing and certification program." - (Jan 2009) A nice useful website for real estate appraisers. The site contains all the useful...
Operations: Volume began to stabilize as our connections informed us underwriters and fannie mae are 'jammed up'. VN continues to meet our clients' needs by working and meeting home owners on Saturdays. This week we concentrated on strengthening our connections as new networking endeavors have be...
Valuation Nation received our first order via text message this week. We have received updates, questions, and rescheduled via text message in the past, but this was our first complete order. VN will take any real estate appraisal order through any media form we have access to. We are eagerly awa...
what are the foreseen problems/'hickups' in daily operations you fear you may encounter?
Operations: volume continued to increase this week due to interest from new clientele. It seems as of May 1, 2009 all brokers will be forced to order appraisals through a third party appraisal management company. Valuation Nation continues to be the leader in compliance to all regulations. These ...
They don't seem to have a website for the state appraisal board. I found the follwing information pertaining to the board at the state's Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs website: Professional and Vocational Licensing(808) 586-3000 Request an application Inquire about licensing requiremen...
Georgia's Real Estate Commission and Appraisal board has a nice website. The latest news release is a video about stopping mortgage fraud. Authorities are reporting mortgage fraud was at its highest levels recently in Georgia and America. We commend Georgia's commission and board for the video bu...

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