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  Todd Clark wrote a wonderful tribute to those that have sacrificed so much, if not their lives for our freedoms and what most of us take for granted.  If you haven't had the opportunity to read this, please do... but leave your comments on Todd's blog.  I would personally like to thank those wh...
Will, is right on the money with his blog of *beneift of OUR Experience*.. this post is short.. and direct to the point.  I highly recommend everyone reading it. So many times, clients think they know our jobs far to better then we do.  It doesn't take much to convince them otherwise.   Once we ...
Wordless Wednesday... Can you identify this? I took this picture in disbelief that I would see this again.  I sat there wondering if anyone else, especially in the Northeast can recognize what is beyond the trees.. Give it your best shot. After all the rain we've had, do you recognize this?      
WEEKLY TUESDAY TRIVIA QUESTION Now that I answered last week's trivia question, it is time for one this week. Multiple choice seems to be the way to go... gets the most response.  But this week I am going to take a break and try something a little different... how about a two part trivia question...
Karen Ann took this picture last year, and it still give me an WOW feeling everything time I look at it.  Please, if you haven't seen this to make a comment on her blog, please do. I don't know if you've looked out the window tonight... or even if you're in the right part of the country tonight....
CROMWELL CT - PARKS.  Cromwell Landing Park is located on River Road off Wall Street in Cromwell CT.  In an effort to improve the town parks, like Cromwell Landing, in the town of Cromwell, CT  it is being cleaned up and rebeautifed.  It is located right on the Connecticut River in Cromwell CT.  ...
This past week, I've been finding it difficult to get motivated.. This RAIN is getting me down, and I'm sure it is doing the same to others as well.  While doing some reading this morning, I came across this quote and thought I'd share it, in opens of getting us out of the rainy doldrums.   Failu...
While taking a walk today, and it wasn't raining either, I came across these flowers and thought I would share it with the rest of you.  I'm not sure what kind they are, but the fragrance is so soft and sweet smelling. I took it easy today... tired from all the cleaning from this past week.  You...
PAY IT FORWARD... Cleaning up after a client tried.  I always get a good feeling when I am able to help out a client and see them move from a rental property to their own home.  This client I worked with for the last 2 months is no exception.  She had difficulties *years* ago with keeping up her ...
RENTING...... new criteria before leasing a property.  In all the years I have been a Realtor and have been renting homes, in and area Cromwell, CT, this is a first to the criteria in finding a home suitable to a clients needs. Most people are looking for a certain number of bedrooms, and locatio...

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