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I get one of these almost every day.Today’s has a picture of my house on it and an offer to pay No commissions We pay the closing costs No repairs Moving assistance if needed Fast, Fair Cash Offer Interestingly enough, today’s missive came from a real estate office, although it was not identified...
 According to the AARP, 10,000 baby boomers are reaching retirement age every single day right now.  Morgan Stanley will tell you we are witnessing the largest transfer of wealth in the history of this country.  Baby Boomers control almost 2/3rd of the disposable income in this country yet, time ...
It’s hard to beat the systemWhen we’re standing at a distanceSo we keep waitingWaiting on the world to change ~John Mayer I hear it all of the time.  We’re going to wait.  Wait to buy, wait to sell, wait for the real estate world to change.  I get it.  No one wants to make a mistake with the lar...
Several of my clients celebrated birthdays over the weekend.  I was lucky enough to speak or see quite a few of them.  As each of us takes another trip around the sun, the truth is we're all getting older.  And that beats the hell out of the alternative.Roughly 10,000 baby boomers are going to tu...
Christopher Bullock first uttered these words in the Cobler of Preston in 1716.“Tis impossible to be sure of anything but Death and Taxes.”Ben Franklin usually gets credit, but he was not the first, and certainly not the last.  Jim Morrison famously wrote "No one gets out of here alive".  And no ...
I talk a lot about the difference between a skilled practitioner in real estate and a hack.  If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know I have no time for bozos.  Yet, consumers keeps hiring clowns.  Yesterday I wondered, at what point does the consumer have to take responsibility for ...
Back in 1996 the Unibomber was arrested and his 35,000 word Manifesto was published for all to see.  I was discussing the Unibomber's Manifesto with my friend Chuckles one day.  Probably over several beers.  Chuckles was finishing law school at the time and they were trying to determine if the Un...
One of the things I've heard talked about a lot is how Uber is using it's drivers to plot routes so that they can ultimately be replaced with driverless cars. Brilliant! If you're Uber. If you're an Uber driver you're helping your employer put you out of a job. Not so brilliant.In the real estate...
It is becoming my life’s work to eliminate hacks from the real estate industry.Every day thousands of internet geeks wake up and try to figure out how to make Realtors the Travel Agents of that year.  Expedia killed Travel Agents.  Why?  Because they provided minimal value and couldn’t articulate...

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