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  Texas home owners already have lots to worry about when it comes to being a home owner without having to think about storm damage.  Even though your rates are protected from increase due to weather related damage, Texas home insurance policies are already some of the highest in the nation. Face...
Attention Real Estate professionals.  The insider information that I am about to disclose could help you sell more homes this year. Do you have that client where nothing seems to go right?  Believe me, I feel your pain.  At one time in my life, I sold houses.  Granted, I was not a realtor or even...
This is a reprint of a blog post from my site.  To get more information, you can visit my site at www.txinsurancepro.com. Home Insurance policies available in the state of Texas cover damage to your home from freezing. When reviewing your Texas Home Insurance Policy, remember that you have to pay...

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