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.........if you don't want to do Short Sales then please quit wasting everybody's time pretending you do. On November 1st you implemented the new "streamlined short sale" guidelines. Read the new servicer guidelines here. Excerpts: Determining the Market Value of the Property Fannie Mae requires...
I know most of us are members of an MLS (Multiple Listing Service). The MLS I belong to is run by MLXchange and is called My Florida Regional MLS (MFRMLS).The Rules and Regulations are 38 pages long. I've read them all. Being a Broker it's my job to know these things. And it's your job too. Have...
Good question. It's quite common for lenders to reach out to their borrowers to see if they qualify for a loan mod. Usually the Lenders have to offer foreclosure prevention options to the borrowers before they can pursue the Short Sale. It really has nothing to do with whether or not the Short Sa...
Hi folks. Have you ever looked at someone else's success and thought how "lucky" they are? Or, made a comment about a Blogger on ActiveRain, about how their posts are always featured and it must be because "they know the right people" or they are featured because they are "popular"? Did you know...
  Good morning Superstars.   Here are this week's Superstar discussions.   DiscussionsRepliesLatest Activity BANK OF AMERICA SHORT SALE SUCCESS STORIES I went online to see if I could find a Bank of America, FHA, short sale success story, but I could not find any thing. Everything I read is… Sta...
Great info from my friend Melissa. It will be interesting to hear how many folks are able to take advantage of this principal reduction program My guess is.........very few. I base that on Wells Fargo numbers: Of the 66,000 requests for loan modifications made in the 18 months ending Sept. 30, We...
Hi folks. Today I want to write a little bit about Internet leads and how I handle them. Hopefully this will gove you some ideas you can implement in your own business. Having been in sales of some sort most of my life the most important thing I have learned NOT sell folks. My job as a "...
  Good morning Superstars.   Here are this week's Superstar discussions.     Sellers Bailing on SS last minute, need some advice! I have a BOA approved SS that is set to close. The second lien was removed due to national mortgage settlement act and the file is in BOA's… Started by Derik Bjorgo  ...
So you have been working for several months negotiating a Short Sale. The junior liens have been sorted out and the Seller is receiving $12,000 from the lender as an incentive. You spoke to the negotiator at the Servicer/lender yesterday and they stated the Short Sale was approved and you should...
Good morning folks. We have a great discussion going on over at about Home Inspections and when to do them. Check it out. Here are my thoughts: First, there are advantages to the Buyer doing the inspection promptly. The main one being that If there are issues with ...

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