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Hi folks. Your Orlando Florida Short Sale has been approved and we are ready to head towards closing. The Title Company has your info and will connect with you for anything they may need from you. It should be straight forward from this point. About 3-4 days from closing I will send the final cl...
Short Sale Superstars is reaching a big milestone this week . We are about 7 days away from having 10,000 members!!!   Wendy and I knew we were onto something when we started Short Sale Superstars 3 years ago but never imagined we would one day have 10,000 members.   We are also closing in on 1,...
I just received this great testimonial from my recent Wells Fargo Short Sale in Clermont Florida. Thanks Dan!! Dear Bryant, I was with great trepidation in knowing that I needed to do a Short Sale on my home. With that, I set out to learn as much as I could about the process and what Realtor wou...
OK so this one is a real blast from the past. first written in July 2006. Pretty much right when the market turned. It was also when I took the above picture.  Has the bubble burst? Or is it just slowly deflating?   My market area is Poinciana one of the fastest growing PUDs in the country locat...
 Good morning Superstars. We hope everyone had a productive week helping folks avoid foreclosure. We had a major site redesign yesterday so be sure to pop over and have a look. Let us know what you think. This Week's Top Short Sale News FHFA Announces Short Sale Assistance for Military Homeowner...
  This Week's Popular Short Sale Discussions Mortgage Assigned to Fannie Mae. How do I initiate a short sale? My client is hoping to short sell her home.  In conducting the research I found that her mortgage was assigned by her lender - Amnet Mortga… Started by Tom Murphy 5 1 minute ago Reply by ...
Orlando Florida Short Sale Specialist “To Do” List   Hi folks, if you’ve ever wondered what a Orlando Florida Short Sale Specialist does here’s a copy of my “To Do” list for Monday.   Approvals letters needed. Nelson Meadow Orange Ave Closings Crane Dr Submit Short Sale Package to Lender Scaring...
“Hi Broker Bryant,  I'm in the process of doing a Short Sale on my home. My husband is on the deed but is not on the loan. After we do the Short Sale can he buy us a house using only his credit  for the mortgage?” Well that’s a good question. The answer is.........I doubt it. At least not for a f...
  Working Short Sales is certainly not a glamorous job. Short Sales don't pay very well (at least in my area). Short Sales are hard work. Short Sales can be very frustrating. Short Sales take a long time to get approved and closed. Would I still work Short Sales if I had it to do all over again?...
This Week's Popular Discussions DiscussionsRepliesLatest Activity Realtors collecting fees for negotiating short sales. I have previously seen legislation stating that a Realtor could not collect a fee for negotiating a short sale, nor could he collect extra… Started by Wendy Rosenberg 8 5 secon...

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