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I don't think so. Recently I received the following email from an agent asking about my expired listing letter. Broker Bryant, Thanks so much for posting that Expired Listing letter. I've already started using it! Would you mind telling me about how many of these you send out in a day, week, or ...
This Week's Discussions DiscussionsRepliesLatest Activity Is it me, or is it the short sale system??? I have been working short sale homes now for about 3 years, ranging in price ranges from 1 mil, down to 30k. During those 3 years, I've wor… Started by Eddie Kearns 18 8 hours ago Reply by Sheye...
When it comes to the level of business you do, what is your comfort zone? What are you trying to achieve? Are you in real estate to make as much money as you can or are you happy with just making a good living? Do you judge your success by how many toys you have or by how much freedom you have in...
DiscussionsRepliesLatest Activity Panel Discussion at Keller Williams Family Reunion! Who is going to the KW convention next week? I will be facilitating a ROCK STAR panel with 4 of the top short sale agents in the country. … Started by Jeff Payne 6 6 seconds ago Reply by Bryant Tutas Are the sel...
  In my’s not. And here’s why. The Lenders want as much money as possible for the property. They want the property exposed on the open market to attract a Buyer at the highest price possible. They want it to be an “Arm’s Length Transaction”. The Landlord (Seller/borrower) and...
Hi folks. OK so I feel compelled again to write about Short Sales and knowing how to get paid. There is so much bad information out there. There are many agents, brokers, attorneys, negotiators and others that are just adamant that agents are at the mercy of the lenders when it comes to commissio...
Well I just have to re-blog this post from Brenda Mullen. An excelent unsolicited endorsement of our hhtp:// site. We'd love to have you come join us. And thanks Brenda!!Short Sale Epiphanies from Short Sale Superstars-It's Like a Lightbulb Went On! So, I finally did it.  I...
Hi Folks. I’ve ran across agents, several times this week, not sure how to handle a Short Sale when the property is owned by a trust. So I thought I’d take a minute to explain how this works. Actually I can do it in about 1 second........   …......exactly the same as you would handle any other S...
This Week's Discussions Commission Dispute Question: I submitted an offer on a short sale which took 2 months for approval and were schedule to close, however, a day before closing t… Started by Tavo 9 42 seconds ago Reply by Bryant Tutas Seller taking an offer before it hits MLS We are seeing a...
Do I have to be behind on my mortgage payments to qualify for a Short Sale? Not necessarily. Some lenders will negotiate a settlement if you are current on payments. You won’t really know until you go through the process. If you are current on payments the lender may very well require you to “pa...

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