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DiscussionsRepliesLatest Activity OFF TOPIC, I am thankful for............................finish the sentence a beautiful and caring wife/business partner..... Started by Jeff Payne 9 8 seconds ago Reply by Bryant Tutas Tenant Purchasing a Short Sale Has anyone had any success with a tenant purc...
How do you react when a Seller or Buyer asks you to give them a portion of your commission? Do you immediately get defensive? Do you start explaining how your commission is split and how many expenses you have as a licensed Real Estate agent? I recently read an article on ActiveRain about a Selle...
Hi folks. Today I want to talk a little bit about keeping the listing. Lack of good communication skills and/or systems is the number 1 reason why Sellers complain about their agents. In fact, just about every time I go meet with a Seller who has just had their listing expire "lack of communicat...
There are many ways to be an advocate while still presenting yourself as being a collaborator. The party on the other side of the table can leave "feeling" as if they have won or were able to reach a compromise when the reality is they accepted the exact terms and conditions we wanted them to ac...
DiscussionsRepliesLatest Activity Did you take equator clasess? Why or why not? Hi , I am in the process of receiving  equator training and the only options are paid options where I can choose between two designations.… Started by Natalie Arndt 5 1 minute ago Reply by Bryant Tutas Bank of Americ...
10 Things I Heard This Week, About Short Sales, That Suck.... I don’t think my mairrage will survive this. Sometimes I just want to kill myself. I feel like a loser. We have no clue where we’re going to live after we close. I’m 60 years old, jobless and getting ready to be homeless. I had to go ...
Hi folks. Whether you like short sales, want to do short sales or want to avoid short sales, short sales are here to stay. Short sales are a major part of the market and in my opinion will become even more so. Lenders WANT to do short sales. A successful short sale cuts losses and keeps the lend...
Folks, as you may know, Borrowers (Sellers) are often required to make a cash contribution to the Investor or Mortgage Insurance Company in order for the Short Sale to be approved. There are several reasons why the Borrower may be asked to do this: They are not late on their payments. They have ...
Title Companies handling Short Sale "negotiations" is the new trend in my area. I quote "negotiations" because they don't really handle negotiations at all. Instead they do what Title Companies do....shuffle paperwork. Here's an excerpt from one National company's solicitation to agents. Now folk...
 DiscussionsRepliesLatest Activity Buyer's agent asking to speak to negotiator I've had this happen before and my sellers have never been willing to give third party authorization to another agent but I'm curious about… Started by jennifer mullen 24 9 seconds ago Reply by Bryant Tutas Seterus: A...

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