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Building homes that are sustaninable, healthy and energy-efficient is an exciting future for all of us.  Knowing how to take advantage of opportunities that provide these benefits is importgant. The Appraisal Institute, a trade group for real estate appraisers, introduced a new optional from that...
How To Buy A Green Home If you are in the market to buy an eco-friendly dwelling, researchers say you should expect to pay more, on a national average 9% more, than comparable homes that are not green.  They are more sustainable, have lower utility costs and healthier. What makes a home green? Gr...
Tips for First Time Home Buyers Many people delay their first real estate investment.  To them it may be a scary, confusing and stressful process.  But knowledge is power, and understanding a few pointers can prepare to further explore the home buying process, turning the overwhelming and intimid...
Choosing the best real estate agent for your situation is an easier decision once enough information is gathered, and knowing the right questions to ask will quickly improve your confidence in making the decision. Sally & David Hanson, Wisconsin Real Estate Ambassadors, present several great idea...
Budget and Household Finances 30-Day Detox The other day, while reviewing a mortgage application, I was told by the applicant about their 30 day juice diet.  My client had bought a $400 juicer and everday had 3 huge glasses of vegetables and fruit - mostly kale, carrots and apples - and that's it...
Tulsa, OK HUD-Approved condos are hard to Find. For Tulsa condo owners this is a concern because FHA mortgages and Section 184 Indian Loans (for residential real estate anywhere in Oklahoma) represent a significant share of the purchase-market buying power. HUD Certified condominium complexes off...
Locking the Rate is an important concept for consideration in the mortgage approval process.  Floating the rate can be stressful, but locking early can allow a borrower to move forward and focus on the move.  Getting pre-qualified early and receiving a written report for your personal situation a...
How to find the perfect available house?   Once you have a Mortgage Loan Commitment Letter, you are prepared for a realtor to show you the inventory.  At this point you can take them a list of the features you are looking for and let them use their expertise to search all inventories for you.    ...
T-Town Meet-Up!!   hosted by John Regur and Lori Cain   LOCATION: Foolish Things Coffee House at 10th and Main   TIME: Wednesday, April 10th, 2:00pm to 4:00pm   Join fellow Tulsa Rainers and bloggers and learn something new! We'll share marketing and social media ideas from the best of the best! ...
Mortgage Loan Commitment Letters are the way to show the sellers the money.  When I issue one it is my commitment that I have a mortgage waiting for the client, they just need to find a house.   Get a Mortgage Loan Commitment Letter here. As the housing market improves, we are hearing more report...

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