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New Edition of Talk to Terry Now Available! DR Horton and other Home Builders are building brand new homes at prices Atlanta has not seen in a long time! This interview is with Tom Hill (Atlanta Division President) with DR Horton, and represents the new phase of new construction...DON'T MISS THE ...
The real estate market is changing on the north side of Atlanta...and will continue to change! In this edition, we are beginning to watch the "wholesale" category of sales. The more wholesale is introduced to an area, the more sales will result...and this will help all other sales, so it is a goo...
Atlanta, remember this...beginning to take a look does not mean you have to buy something...If you begin to look, you may be surprised as to what is out there! Remember, Teddy should not try to become a pro athlete, but should you purchase a deal today? You will only know if you get out and look!...
North Atlanta shows good signs below the price of $500k, but what will happen if the Jumbo Lending thwarts the potential buyers above $500k?  See my thoughts at www.TalktoTerry.com.  What are yours?
Demand is rising, and Supply is shrinking! Lending practices and Jumbo Loans will hold the key.  Check out my educational videos on whats happening in our market!  www.TalktoTerry.com
Behind in your mortgage? Worried about FORECLOSURE? Wait! Make sure you have thought through some simple things...there are options!  I have just released a video that covers some of the steps you can take to help get you (or your clients) through this difficult time.To see more videos and inform...
Atlanta (North) Trends for May...You may be surprised as to the value of a 4 bdrm, 2.5 bath home over the last 2 years and what it has re-set to!  As the market re-sets, what are you doing to understand how it is shifting? Check out my video this month at www.TalkToTerry.com!
The April Edition of TalkToTerry focuses on the changing environment around the North Atlanta Real Estate Market.  Is the bottom forming?  Is now the time to buy?  Only time will tell, but watch for the clues! Visit www.TalkToTerry.com to see this months (and any previous months) video!
Scared Stiff to Intrigued and Interested I began my career in Real Estate in 1992. The Country was just coming out of the last big housing downturn from the Savings and Loan debacle. I did not know anything about the realities of where we were with the economy or housing situation...I was fresh o...
Hello!I just wanted to post a quick note and let you know that I have just released my monthly video on what's happening in the real estate market in both the North Atlanta Market and National Market. There is some new updates to my about me page including a new video.Check it out! www.TalktoTerr...

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