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Is it a defect or not? That's the title and my focus.
I try to learn something everyday, sometimes we learn from surprising sources Thought I'd share something... maybe not well received by all, but there's a shiny side to every penny. Maybe something to learn. While at an inspection the other day, an out of area agent (accompanying a friend) asked ...
Explainer - Illustrator Type Videos  I have made an illustrator/explainer video... not a pro at such things, so don't beat me up too badly (it's my first). I'm hoping to be able to use such a format again, as I learn more about how to do it. I think these types of videos can help present a messag...
Palmdale Lancaster and Antelope Valley Home and Building Inspections Including Thermal Imaging  If you are buying a home or building, make sure you choose a great inspection company, that is certified, insured and uses state of the art, Thermal Imaging with your property Inspection. Spec Rite Ins...
Older Buildings and Impacts on an inspection Recently, I was at a rather impressive, well laid out, older (nearly historic) home. During the course of the inspection, I found many of the types of items an inspector would tend to find and report to their clients Electrical Defects - Some systems d...
When things break during a Home Inspection Recently... I turned on the AC system in an occupied home by thermostat / AKA "normal operating controls" and it went Kaput! Apparently, there was a crushed and shorted wire somewhere between the Furnace and the outside AC unit, I was the lucky recipient...
Tech and Gadgets during Home Inspections - Your Take? Over the last few years, technology seems to be taking over many parts of what we do. Maybe it's been longer, and I'm just catching up. I'm going to date myself a bit... but I can remember having used actual film for some reference pictures fo...
Just a quick thought here, but thought I'd share. I was inspecting a Townhouse in Lancaster, CA the other day and had the Broker make a comment to me about something I hadn't thought of before. He said, "Wow Tim, you did a great job here. I know this probably isn't like the home you just came fro...
A recent trend in the last couple years that I've noticed, is that appraisers are asking me about conditions of the home, if we happen to both be on site. Sometimes the questions are harmless.... Other times, I have received requests for copies of the report or a phone call "was there anything th...
Inspecting REO properties week in and week out... I hear a lot of the same things. Like - "These properties are a great value, but really rough (cosmetics / deferred maintenance etc) and I've heard everything in the world from the "Banks should pay/fix these places up" to "I'll get my Home Warran...
In our busy lives, it seems we take a lot for granted... at least I do I was on my way back home for awhile...Unfortunately, I arrived at my AM Home Inspection and there was no access or key. I was a bit irritated, but realize these things happen. I thought: Ugh.. I was up before daylight finishi...

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I hope to create a few rambling posts, having hauled in a few (or ten or more) years of experience in the wild world of Real Estate Inspections.