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An overview of the real estate market conditions and neighborhoods in and around Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.
  Hollywood, CA – Hollywood Short Sales are on their way.  They are already here at a rate of around 10.4% with an additional 10% foreclosure sales as a percentage of total sales in the last six months.  Over 20% of the current market is bank involved sales.  Why are Hollywood Short Sale going to...
  Hollywood, CA – Is The Government the new Sub Prime Lender?  Consider this.  A USDA loan program approves a buyer with $1300 savings for a mortgage with an $1800 payment.  It's a ZERO DOWN loan.    The borrower had to get a gift of $10,000 from their parents to make the deal happen, and on top ...
You wake up.  Get ready for your day.  Go out to your car.  It's gone.  You report it stolen.  It wasn't.  The police confiscated your car because they suspected it was used for criminal activity.  The police sell your car and keep the proceeds.  There has been no trial, no chance for you to dera...
Hollywood, CA – A cautionary tale of the long and the short of Hollywood Short Sales.  Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the pool.    Imagine this.   You go to open houses, read the news paper, study online, search properties and finally, after a tedious and well thought out proce...
Hollywood, CA – Okay… that’s a bit of a crude play on words… The HAMP program, Home Affordable Modification Program that the Obama Administration has touted is supposed to help those who, “through no fault of their own” cannot afford their mortgage.   But here’s the question.  Doesn’t tax payer m...
Hollywood, CA – With the rash of bank involved transactions that are springing up in the Hollywood Real Estate market it becomes necessary to get more clear in our conversations with prospective sellers. It seems in the Hollywood Short Sales Real Estate world there is a misinformation tidal wave...
Hollywood, CA - So I'm tech savy.... sort of.  I get how to do email... I can cut and paste html into posts.  But twitter?  My question is how does a real estate agent turn twitter into cash? With all the depersonalization that the insular technology is imposing upon a less and less outgoing publ...
Hollywood, CA - Hollywood Lofts are certainly the hot topic. When a new and the nice refers to what can be classified as lofts that are "In". Are you in? Where the live work scene in downtown L.A. has its' share of stuff to deal with, the Hollywood Lofts scene, most certainly the West Hollywood L...
Hollywood, CA - Hollywood Homes for sale can be in many varied markets.  From Hollywood Lofts to short sales, bank owned reo foreclosures to regular equity sales... but there's one thing that continues to be true for here... and I bet... there (as in anywhere in the United States) as well.  Runni...
Hollywood CA - This is a continuation of a theme about how the lender's view short sales. Are you trying to avoid a deficiency judgment? If so, then you need to be careful about how you present yourself to your lender.   Discover how other sellers successfully did a short sale and request a free ...

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