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An overview of the real estate market conditions and neighborhoods in and around Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.
San Diego, CA - When San Diego Real Estate goes on sale the bells should be ringing off the walls and the buyers should be pouncing, or at least stalking. What gives? Will this be one of those moments in history where people will look back at the San Diego Real Estate and understand what a deal ...
San Diego real estate may be the best place to plant one's garden, rest on one's laurels, start one's family or plunk down and just stay awhile.  Those who have lived in San Diego for more than a minute know how wonderful a city and metro this place is, and just what an opportunity it may be for...
Hollywood, CA - Yep. It's the truism that any Los Angeles Realtor worth their salt would ascribe to. Duh! And it's one that I would like to highlight via two new stories on the net today. The first is the multi million dollar spec homes that are being risked and built all across the nation curre...
Hollywood, CA - Though the affordability index is getting to more palatable levels in most markets, the back log of sneaky super secret bank owned foreclosure homes makes the Los Angeles Realtor who doesn't have their head in the sand a bit shaky in the knees. A great article that linked the Adju...
Hollywood, CA - Okay, Okay.... sheesh... Banks can rock... ... or they can suck.As a Los Angeles Realtor They totally suck when they can't prove that they own the debt on your home and they want to foreclose. And they suck when the myriad of other annoying things happen that happen when we all mu...
Hollywood, CA - Yep. If you've ever had a sixteen day hold on your check... If you've ever waited in line for fifteen minutes, watching the person at the window in front of you roll six rolls of pennies together... If you've ever been hit or given a door ding in the parking lot by an irate soon ...
Hollywood, CA - I know... I know... rates are still low.  Even when they crept up three quarters of a point in the few weeks previous, with a little perspective, they are still unbelievable LOW. Yet we all know  that a 1% increase from 5 to 6% decreases buying power around $100,000. Do we URGENTL...
Hollywood CA - When homeowners negotiate directly with a bank for loan modification it's not often they realize just how sneaky the bank can be. On the other end of the phone, at the very least, is a trained employee whose job is to get money from the homeowner, you. At the most they are a savvy ...
Out with the old and in with the new. One one eleven.  Lots of ones.  Significance to those who attach meaning to such things.  And it leads me to ponder the state of my mind over the last year and how I will address the numbers I see this year and what significance I will attach to them. Will th...
Hollywood CA - In Hollywood Short Sales there is a temptation for some that find themselves upside down in a mortgage to simply walk away. That is, having purchased a home mid way through 2006 and now finding forty percent of that purchase price has disappeared in market value, some choose to say...

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