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An overview of the real estate market conditions and neighborhoods in and around Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.
North Park San Diego Short Sales are among the hot topics in the Uptown and surrounding area real estate markets.  Though Hillcrest sees fewer short sales than some of the harder hit areas, North Park seems poised for a few more in the coming year. Research shows that there are loans that were gi...
San Diego Loan Modification Secrets are not what you think.There are plenty of people who are selling you their solution, promising magic for a few hundred or few thousand dollars.  Tales ofextraordinary reductions in principle measuring hundreds of thousands of dollars abound in the fast world o...
San Diego Real Estate Buyers Agents are in a tight spot... and mostly because the public doesn't comprehend what dual agency is and how a ficuciary duty works. Fielding a call from a cash buyer this morning I was in the position from their perspective of being an order taker.  This real estate bu...
North Park Craftsman Homes For Sale are not always easy to find.  Of the 54 active detached single family residence homes for sale in North Park San Diego today, only 8 are craftsman style and of the eight, there are a couple that can classify as a doozy - to be polite let's just say Deusenberg ...
North Park Craftsman Home Buyers Alert - In the 92104 there's some interesting signs that fly in the face of two stories reported this morning about the health of the housing market and its' impending demise. Story one states that the federal government will no longer insure large home loans and ...
Bird Rock La Jolla Homes For Sale aren't flooding the market as much as some other areas of San Diego... yet.... there's an intersting turn in the market in the last sixty days. With 51 active listings, two of which are short sales, and no REO homes and with only one sale in the last 60 days...  ...
Pacific Beach San Diego Foreclosure Homes are few and far between at the present moment. With only four currently on the market the question from most potential buyers is, "What's up with that?". Where's the flood of pennies on the dollar housing we were promised from this recession? I understand...
San Diego, CA - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac need to elope and let us forget they ever were.  But the legacy left behind will be of squandered good will, record salaries paid to the higher ups and of the mechanism that allowed the recession/new depression to take a foot hold in the United States.  ...
San Diego, CA - San Diego Realtor says it's time to Buy a Foreclosure. Yep.  It's a truth that this San Diego Realtor ascribes to. Yep. I said it again... yep. There is a best time to buy.  There is also a best time to buy for you.  I'm talking today about the former... not the latter. Interest d...
San Diego, CA - San Diego Loft living has always had an allure for me. On one adventure in my twenties a friend and I ended up in the pre-gentrified Gaslamp area of downtown and we both marveled at the difference and seeming livability of this part of town versus a downtown L.A. We spied a couple...

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