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An overview of the real estate market conditions and neighborhoods in and around Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.
San Diego 92101 Short Sales - The Rich are getting hit, too. News yesterday of the dreaded "double dip" recession were sparked by the nationwide sales figures related to real estate. Seems the oft touted recovery may be a little ways off yet and San Diego 92101 Short Sales will continue as a larg...
San Diego Foreclosure Time Line. Short Sales Pacific Beach San Diego... the real question is, after I stop making my payments... How long do I have before the bank throws me out? This is an excellent question that many potential short sellers in San Diego real estate are asking themselves and the...
What to do when a bank is negligent on a Pacific Beach Short Sale? Run? Those of us familiar with Pacific Beach short sales know that there are all manner of hoops to jump through, both as a buyer and as a seller. Banks can make life easy.... or they can make the process an adventure... (that's t...
Banks Hold 875,000 homes and prices will drop further. Yes We Can... forget the speculation.  Housing prices are in for another jolt.  We've all known about the "shadow inventory" and the purported homes that have been foreclosed upon that the banks were "allegedly" not ready to release to prime ...
 What are the Bank Secrets for Encinitas Short Sales? What the big banks and mortgage lenders aren't telling you is that most of the mortgages aren't owned by them.   Did you ever wonder why during the financial meltdown caused by the housing bubble that we as a nation had to financially bail out...
Pacific Beach Strategic Defaults in San Diego - and how the banks see them. Pacific Beach Strategic Defaults in San Diego are being investigated and scrutinized like never before. Why? Because of the lack of stigma in the popular culture, people are gearing toward strategic default - or the short...
Who Pays the Realtor in a North Park, San Diego Short Sale? Working North Park, San Diego Short Sales I've run across many interesting questions.  I had a client who was considering the short sale option ask me recently how I get paid.  They were nervous about coming to the closing table with som...
San Diego, CA - The shadow inventory is a subject that has resurfaced lately and there is a lot of discussion about what further price drops will be caused when there is a flood of bank owned homes that hit the market. Interestingly enough, a while ago whilst showing homes one of my buyers was pa...
It's simple.  Go there and be amazed.  Vancouver is one amazing city and the Chinese know it and are buying up huge chunks of it.  Does anyone remember what happened to Japan after they bought half of Hawaii? Canada didn't go through the real estate bubble we just did here in the States.  Because...
Nine Alternatives to Foreclosure in San Diego Real Estate are often talked about in random ways, and I wanted to write this to clear up some of the misconceptions, to get as much relevant information to the consumer as possible. With the current state of the economy one thing is clear... there is...

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