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An overview of the real estate market conditions and neighborhoods in and around Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.
San Diego Short Sales and the Lure of Perfect Credit Often times in talking to people around the city there is an obsession with the credit score.  These turbulent economic times are keeping people in fear, and keeping them from doing the best thing for them and their families... in some cases. T...
Should I Stop Paying My Credit Cards During A San Diego Short Sale? Here's a question someone asked: “I'm selling my home in a short sale.  I'm lagging on my mortgage.  Should I stop paying the credit cards?" - P That's a great question, a real question from someone who is in need.  What do you t...
How a San Diego Short Sale will alter my Credit Score. It's a great question and an important one.  Moving forward, credit score determines credit worthiness and many other things.  Late mortgage payments, (late anything payments) and short sales will affect your credit score... moving it down th...
San Diego Short Sale Lenders Back off when threatened with Bankruptcy. Why? I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV.  This is not legal advice.  You need to seek professional legal counsel if you are considering Bankruptcy. When push comes to shove, it's all about Money.  Time is money. Lender...
Protect Your Credit During A North Park San Diego Short Sale: There are lots of reasons people end up in the position to sell their house in a short sale.  Every day the news reports more and more economic troubles.  If it has fallen to you to make this hard decision, there are a few things you n...
New San Diego BNI Group Forming. What is a San Diego BNI Group?  Simply put, the San Diego BNI group that we're forming is based around Networking, Synergy, Together our efforts multiply, and Trusted Referrals.  The group will be composed of individuals who get that "givers gain" and that you get...
A Common North Park San Diego Short Sale Mistake... and what to do about it. There's a common mistake that is being foisted upon the Serious North Park Short Sale seller in this topsy turvy market right now... and no... it's not a stuffed front closet. The real crime that is being carried out is ...
How To Get Your North Park San Diego Loan Modification Approved With A Local Lender. Bob Seeger has a song about feeling like a number.  He proclaims his person-hood in the song and to me, that's what's missing with some of the larger Banks that are dealing with distressed home owners in the San ...
Four Ways Lenders Wreck Normal Heights Short Sales – It's San Diego Summer - finally.  We've gotten through the hazy days that almost seemed like a winter with a bit of rain and now we're in for the long hot slog of summer.  And are the banks doing their best to help homeowners in need of financi...
Chula Vista Short Sales are chupa-riffic.  (I wonder if I can trademark that word?)  There's no way to put a dress on this pig, the short sale is part of the landscape now and Chula Vista is the bullseye on the map in San Diego County. In the last two months - going back from today, June 3rd, 201...

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