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An overview of the real estate market conditions and neighborhoods in and around Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.
North Park San Diego Short Sales are a thing of the future. While the stunningly fast moving North Park market was looking like it would never be affected by the malaise of the rest of the county's short sale preponderance, it has arrived and announced itself as setting up shop. Today, there are ...
San Diego California Short Sale Best Practices - What Does the Seller Owe the Agent if the Sale is Not a Success? The short answer.... nothing. The little known fact is that if the deal doesn't get done in a San Diego Short Sale, the agent does not get paid.  We understand that the very reason y...
San Diego California Short Sales - How to Negotiate Promissory Notes Away. Away, away.  In San Diego, if you are doing a short sale for your residence and owe the bank more than the home is worth, have a legitimate hardship, can prove it, and want the kind of mortgage relief that a short sale can...
San Diego Short Sale Surprise Liens.  What Now? I know about surprise liens.  Managing a rebuild of a hillside slide that encroached on our property, we dealt with insurance companies, contractors, suppliers, and the owners of the land at fault.   There were a few slimy characters that were easy ...
Here's another San Diego Short Sale Fairy Tale I heard today... Banks Are Slow Playing the Short Sale in Hopes of Another Bailout. It's amazing to say the least. There is so much misinformation, disinformation and flat out wrong information regarding San Diego Short Sales out there at the moment ...
How to Escalate a North Park San Diego Short Sale the Right Way. I've seen a lot of San Diego Short Sales go the wrong way when it comes to saving a deal from the dreaded "No" from a Lender. Like some things that we all do, there's a right way and a wrong way, and when Escalating a North Park San...
North Park Short Sale:  The Bank says NO.  Now what do I do? If you've ever considered that there's just too much information out there about the San Diego Short Sale Process and it looks like you're going toward overwhelm... take pause... take a deep breath.  Now go find an expert Certified Pre ...
A Common Myth About San Diego Short Sales: Banks don’t like short sales and prefer foreclosure THE North Park San Diego Short Sale Myth of the Day:  "Banks prefer Foreclosure to Short Sale" FALSE Though, with some of the horror stories of clients who were led down the primrose path by an unskill...
Are North Park San Diego Short Sales The Best Way To Stop A Harassing Debt Collector?  Harass harass harass.... there's a theme in there... There are certain times in one's life where the month is more than the money.  With the trend in North Park is to see more and more short sales hitting the m...
Sell your North Park San Diego Short Sale and get $3000?  Say it ain't so Joe. Have you checked out your mortgage relief options?  Do you know the Nine Alternatives to Foreclosure? Are you thinking about a San Diego Short Sale as an option for your home?  If so... there is a silver lining to what...

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