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An overview of the real estate market conditions and neighborhoods in and around Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.
I grew up in 91423 or thereabouts... actually we were up the hill a little... in the rareified air of 90077.  Nice to have a father who was a film director.  But we never thought about it as kids.  We just liked the speed we could generate riding our bikes down Woodcliff.  Those were the days of ...
It's that time of year again... the beginning. We get to look at the year past and see what's happening now in the world of Marina Del Rey condos.... By way of comparison here's a whole bunch of charts. Let's talk about them.   Days on market.  A good indicator of the speed of the Marina Del Rey ...
Sherman Oaks Short Sale Negotiation Strategies. What do you do when two lenders are fighting over the division of funds in a short sale? If you are like me, you've probably become aware that in the Sherman Oaks Short Sale market there are many properties where the ultimate decision cannot be made...
Sherman Oaks Short Sale Realtors come in a lot of shapes and sizes, indeed lots of creeds and colors, political parties and religious affiliations. While being a member of a certain group or being a certain type of person may make one a good person, does is have anything to do with being a good ...
Sherman Oaks Short Sales have many twists and turns in them and some potential sellers are currently drifting toward the far more damaging foreclosure sale because they are afraid of the costs. People looking for Loan Modifications, Mortgage Relief Options, indeed any of the Nine Alternatives to...
Sherman Oaks Short Sale practice reveals many different preconceived notions about what is different and what is the same from a traditional equity home sale.  Recently I found that a potential short sale seller admitted that he knew of some real and potential problems with the home, yet he thou...
Another San Diego Short Sale Myth that stops many agents in their tracks is that a Lender MUST be submitted a "perfect" file. Banks want two years tax returns, the last two paycheck stubs, two months of bank statements and a myriad of other paper requests from those that want to pursue a San Dieg...
San Diego Short Sale proficiency revolves around knowing the rules. Strange as it may seem there are many so called "experts" out there who claim erroneous information on what the rules are and on how to proceed in the best way possible to help a homeowner out of a tight squeeze. One of these ex...
If you've been involved in a San Diego Short Sale in the negotiating process for any length of time you've undoubtedly heard this phrase, "We seem to have lost your paperwork. Go ahead and re-fax it." The fact that so many Lenders were using fax as their primary delivery tool in the age of digit...
Is it better to buy a North Park Short Sale or wait and buy it as a Foreclosure from the bank? Great question. Many people are continuing to wait for the bottom of the market, what with all the shaky global financial news and lack or surety of our domestic income tax policy moving forward... The...

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