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An overview of the real estate market conditions and neighborhoods in and around Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.
When hunting that perfect Hollywood Hills Home for sale and you get a little cranky... if it's low blood sugar and you need a snack there's a new place down the street from the Pacific Design Center, actually across the street from the Beverly Center called "Crepe Republic".  While I know that ev...
No... that's not a misprint or a typo.  I said Hollywood Hills West Market of the Moment_Short Sales and I meant it.  But wait, you say there are hardly any short sales and besides, "Who wants a short sale anyway?  Aren't they just a really big pain?"  And I say yes... and no.  Three years ago th...
Yes it's true - Using an evocative title can get some attention in the Hollywood Hills Real Estate market.  But only if you can deliver the goods.   And by the goods I'm of course relating to the "pole dance" part of this post's title. And Yes it's true - a home listed today in the Hollywood Hill...
Hollywood Foreclosures haven't been as plentiful in the last year as say... Echo Park foreclosures, or Miami homes at a bargain price.  There is a perception that many buyers have that there are many bank owned Los Angeles homes to be found, and that's true... with an asterisk. In certain neighbo...
Finding West Hollywood Condos For Sale is not magic.  There are plenty.  Finding one that's currently for sale whose HOA dues are reasonable is the trick.  And of course it is what is reasonable to you that is the real question. Living in Laguna Hills I thought that HOA dues were mostly okay in t...

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