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An overview of the real estate market conditions and neighborhoods in and around Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.
July 31, 2010Hollywood, CA -  In another life you may begin to see the power that lurked inside, below the surface, waiting to be called forth as  the hero. Or you can choose to live today, this day, now - as the important remembering moment that this is your life, maybe the only one you will eve...
July 30, 2010 Hollywood, CA - When is it okay to run out for an appointment with a buyer to show a home without first taking the time to prequalify them? Traffic in Los Angeles is no big deal.  It's perfectly acceptable to be sitting on 3rd street on a Friday at 2 pm and  take a half an hour to g...
July 29, 2010 Hollywood, CA - It's a sticky subject.  Changing the terms of a borrowing agreement that you signed.  You may or may not have been aware of the details, and now those details and the property values brought down by foreclosures and short sales are making you lose sleep at night.  Yo...
Weren't we promised twenty cents of the dollar deals with this greatest Recession since the Great Depression?  Why aren't I seeing the Daily Foreclosure List in my email box presenting multitudes of opportunities? Though it's obvious in the San Fernando Valley as I've driven around with clients t...
July 27, 2010 Hollywood, CA – McEveety and Associates just got a short sale closed with Bank Of America, arguably the toughest of all banks to succeed with. In the daily conversations of agents and agencies that work the short sale side of the street there is a common phrase heard when it is disc...
July 26, 2010 Hollywood, CA – Recent data shows 80% - Amazing.  That is the number of home owners who enter into foreclosure after falling behind by only one payment.                             There is an emotional roller coaster that happens when one gets into financial trouble. And it's no wo...
Hollywood, CA - Having dinner the other night with a long time family friend, a successful Contractor in Los Angeles who has done projects large and small, he commented that he agreed that a rising tide would lift all boats. Even with the gentrification happening in Hollywood these days, I was th...
Hollywood, CA – There is a new trend in Hollywood and it spells reality for the new face of the short sale.  It seems that the court house will be the new territory for the paparazzi looking for candid shots of celebrity financial crises. Rapper-turned-actor Alvin "Xzibit" Joiner has “joined” the...
Hollywood, CA –  I love Ving Rhames.  That guy rocks.  Mission Impossible.  Pulp Fiction.  He’s an awesome actor and a good guy to boot, based on the two interviews I’ve seen.  It is unfortunate that the Rhames family has had to sell two homes in the last two months for a loss, and it points to t...
In the Hollywood Hills Real Estate Market there is affluence.  Coupled with the draw of Southern California's climate there is the allure of the glitz and glamour that is Hollywood, both old school and new, and the vibrant enclaves of West Hollywood, and the pockets of Hollywood Hills homes that...

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