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An overview of the real estate market conditions and neighborhoods in and around Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.
Hollywood, CA – In this world of amazing luxury lifestyles, one need not look farther than the Residences at W Hollywood Lofts like these have been taken to extremes of what this style of living can be.  All the amenities one can think of at your very fingertips. Location, location, location of t...
Hollywood, CA – Whether you’re an artist, or just want to live like one, this dream is all about You.  A Hollywood Lofts experience, a live work or live/work atmosphere is something you’ve always wanted.  A drafting table or an easel, your home is as comfortable with a baby grand or a canvas on t...
The Government is running out of cash.  Everybody knows it.  You can feel it in the air.  And yet there are some things that we hold to be untouchable, above the fray so to speak.  It used to be that we knew everything that could happen in a real estate a reasonable extent.  If a...
Hollywood, CA - If you already know this ... please... stop.  Do not read the rest of this.  This information has been out there a while, but it just got in here... and it is of note to real estate agents. Question.  Who reads a 2000 page bill before it's signed into law?  Answer.  Not enough peo...
Hollywood, CA - There's nothing that funny about Hollywood Short Sales looking at the market from just beyond the horizon.  Many good people wanting to stop foreclosure are investigating the Loan Modification process and wishing to forestall the wreckage of a lost home, a damaged credit score. So...
Hollywood, CA - In this town, a Hollywod Short Sale has the unfortunate distinction of having become a common buzz word in the Real Estate industry. For consumers that have heard the words "short sale" and don't quite grasp the full implications of what it means, a short sale is a time tested and...
No Pics Just Pans This is today in America... As the Headquarters of Active Rain is in the bastion of liberalism known as the Pacific Northwest I doubt this post gets any attention. And Across the news wires it came like a glistening javelin aimed straight at the hearts of the Republicans... a pr...
It's not exactly like anyone who was paying attention wouldn't know that the Hollywood short sales are no longer on the endangered species list.  It couldn't be like the fact that we're going to be seeing the Hollywood short sales in more quantities was sneaking up on people, could it?  There's a...
West Hollywood, CA - Sierra Towers. Seldom do two words mean as much when it comes to real estate in West Hollywood.  Located at the glitzy west end of the Sunset Strip, nestled against the Hollywood Hills and quite literally on the doorstep to Beverly Hills these unique condo homes have their ow...
  Hollywood, CA - It seems highly unlikely... really, that one could buy a Condo in Hollywood for the same price of a Toyota.  And the way prices are going in parts of our beautiful country it may come down to getting deals like "buy a car get a free condo".  CNN ran a story this morning about 8 ...

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