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IF YOU ARE IN SIOUX FALLS, SD AND ARE WANTING A REFERRAL PLEASE contact me ASAP. We need a property in Sioux Falls and if you are interested let me know! This is a great opportunity to make some money. Thanks, Treva
I love carousels and this one was so beautiful that I had to take a picture of each animal. I think the lion is one of my favorites. I think they take me back to when I was a little girl and wanted to own one--a carousel, not a lion. Although I guess I would have taken one if someone had tried to...
Wow, was looking at some property on River Ranch Road yesterday and ran across this awesome rock that looks like a giant bird's skull. Lucky I had that camera! I love the rock formations around Farmington. We have some of the greatest. At certain times of year, there are rock crawls with jeeps an...
Good morning all, This is the question that our state is pondering. Should a person have to obtain an Associates degree before becoming a Realtor? Do you feel it adds anything or is it advantageous at all to require a degree?  Does being degreed add any value, does it make our profession better? ...
I just had a phone call from a friend that holds a position with a  state Real Estate committee that is working on a proposal of a new state requirement. The new proposal and the "burning question" is: Should a person have to obtain an Associates degree before becoming a Realtor? He would like as...
Had a wonderfully, chilling, and by that I mean had to buy a coat in August when we went to San Franciso last summer. It was an exciting visit but...When you leave your own area, you see wonderful things not common in yours. Never in your life will you see this sign in Farmington, NM. A dust stor...
This morning on the Today Show, (bet you think that's all I do is watch the Today Show), Suze Orman who, well, can you say the word CONSERVATIVE said "now might be the time to buy real estate". Go Suze, go! Isn't it SILLY that the public, including us, spends so much time letting the news and com...
    A baby Llama taken in the Four Corners area of Farmington, NM. Cutest little guy and if I had to name him, it would be Dr. McDreamy with those eyes and lashes. Some of the best pictures are the ones along the rode of life that are unexpected. Love it.
From camping, to water sports, hiking, and snow skiing, we invite you to come see us in the Four Corners. Americas' beauty at its finest. Beautiful climate and beautiful country whether you prefer forest or desert. Stars at night to tickle the fancy of any star gazer. Blue skies and peaceful peak...
Aiden and Jennifer on "the big boat". They are forever showing me the wonders of life. From bugs to sparkles, my life continues to be filled by things that would pass me by if they weren't there to remind me of the amazing creations that surround us. May we give thanks.

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