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I wrote this article 3+ years ago and I'm looking for some comments on social networking ideas to maximize profits.  How do we maximize Google, MSNn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.... Here is the traditional approach: Ready to place your home on the market? Do you understand the process and details of s...
 Protect yourself from mechanic's liens if your contractor fails to pay subcontractors or suppliers.  All Kate and Peter wanted to do was remodel their ancient kitchen and build on a family room. They saved and borrowed, got their permits, and hired a contractor. The construction was over after j...
Should you stick to your listing price? It depends. That's one of the problems in real estate. There is rarely a "cut and dry" answer to any question. Answers are more like, "if this...then that...but..." However, we'll just talk about prices, rather than condition, location, and all those "other...
Here is how the scoring works, keep in mind that we still can do FHA loans down to 580.  Not all lenders are offering this, but I can help you with down to 580. Here is how th escore works: Credit scoring is a statistical method that lenders use to quickly and objectively assess the credit risk o...

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