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My blog is about living and working on the Treasure Coast of Florida. Sometimes I may even talk about my dog.
I am still struggling to find clients that want to actually "buy" a home.  I get questions about interest rates, credit scores and loans; but the last time I checked, I was a real estate agent, not a mortgage broker....wait, let me change my hat.  The only answers that I have for these folks is t...
A few weeks ago I read a blog post from Carol Smith (Hi Carol), that was about her experience with a prospective customer named "Mary".  I felt so bad after reading this post, because my experiences with prospective customers have started to become just like those with "Mary".  Where is the loyal...
Today I am going to take a little trip to our south.  I have decieded to spend the day at the Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens.  The mall is about 35 miles south of Port St. Lucie if you take I-95.  The Gardens Mall has a new neighbor to it's west.  Downtown at the Gardens opened about a year o...
In this morning's local news paper there were a few articles on real estate in Port St. Lucie.  It looks like our average home price has leveled out and we should see a rise in sales because of it.  People are looking for hot deals, and Port St. Lucie has them.  Picture this:  The average home in...
We are experiencing the most beautiful weather here in South Florida.  Temperatures are mild, the sun is shining, more people are out enjoying what Florida is known for.  I just want everyone that reads this to remember to use sunscreen when you are outside enjoying the sun.  Don't let the calm o...
I just have one question...okay maybe two. In the way of residential listings, have all of the good ones been listed already?  What constitutes good over bad when it comes to a real estate listing? I know that everyone has his or her own opinion when it come to good or bad.  For example, my idea ...
Here is a shot of two sandhill cranes in December.  Yes, the grass was green in this picture, but now, since we have had several freezes here in the "deep south" most of the grass you see around town is brown. These majestic birds can be found most every where on the Treasure Coast.  I usually s...
Okay...I know in my profile I stated that I wouldn't bore everyone with RE stats...mortgage rates, etc.  But, I came across another blog just a bit ago, and it got me thinking about the real estate laws in other states.  It was interesting that in Michigan, a handicap or disability are defined di...
WOW....It dawned on me today that it had been a few weeks since I blogged.  I have had some family issues come up that needed my attention; but now I am back to my blog again. New listings are a rarity around these parts.  I see the same old signs in the same old places day after day.  My normal ...
Okay, my title is a little misleading.  But, it is an attention getter!!  I am getting ready to send out some cards to a few FSBO's that I have recently come across in Port St. Lucie. It seems as though new signs pop up every day! FOR SALE BY OWNER....I love those words!  They are just begging fo...

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My blog relates to living on the Treasure Coast of Florida. Some blog posts may be humorous and a little off topic, others may relate to our little corner of the world in the Real Estate Market.