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Turns out, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has been keeping close tabs on the market trends lately. One notable trend is that regarding investment properties. In the past, there was a rule requiring a homeowner or investor to own a home for a minimum of 90 days prior to selling. Though ...
A hot topic in the real estate world - Realtors everywhere are blogging, posting, mailing information regarding this amazing benefit so that those who qualify to receive the $8,000 will be educated on the process and most importantly, THE IMPENDING DEADLINE.   Yes, this "stimilus" benefit is not ...
In real estate, and life in general, we come across individuals offering opinions to the current market conditions - especially when it comes to buying a home. There are those who have the "glass is half empty" mentality; who will sit and wait until it is announced on the major news media that th...
A new year, a new administration and lots of changes coming our way. We are optimistic of our nation's economy and especially the housing market. Though, not expecting instantaneous results we are confident positive changes will begin to take effect which will boost the housing market and overall...
Well, it is obvious to say that the Portland real estate market is experiencing a delayed decline as compared to the rest of the nation. A popular word to toss around is "challenging" - a word our Team has discussed intently over the past several weeks. Though we are not denying the current condi...

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