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I am sure some of you have seen this, but it was a new twist on an old scam to get money.  But it is in our industry and harms us all.  An ad, this one on Craig's List, was offering a great house (great local community, upscale) for about half the real rental value.  Too good to be true? Well you...
I am sure most agents have had this experience, but as I was looking for some comps for a client I spotted my old home as an active listing. And it was a short sale. And that made me sad. It is a two family and somehow they added a bedroom and full bath in the attic, I remember we had to leave st...
I know it is the last week of summer, and we all know what happens next week, but I called several agencies yesterday late morning and no answer or generic voice mail.  Is anybody watching the store?  I guess we all tend to get a little lazy by the end of the summer, but is business so good that ...
There are many advantages to buying a property for a child who's in school. But, before you start looking for just the right rental, you may want to think about loaning your child the money so that he/she can buy a house. A friend of mine did this for his two daughters (same school, a year apart)...
Why am I doing this?  This was a question my buyer client asked me as we were leaving the lawyers office after a smooth closing.  She noted that yes, she assumed I made some money, but she said it appeared that it was a lot more than that.  I thought about it and I had to agree, it is a lot more ...
Has anyone found the secret to getting information from the lender on a short sale?  Especially if you are from the buyer side.  My selling agent and her attorney do not seem very interested in getting status from the lender.  I know the lenders do not really want to talk to us untill they decide...
I am new to writting a Blog, my only exposure has been to be invited by my daughter into hers to see the family and vacation photos she has in her Blog.  This is a new social era and I am trying to learn and keep up.  Personally I would rather chat over a cup of coffee or glass of wine.  This sit...

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