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I'd like to discuss how by being too attached to a single deal or sale and trying to hard you are actually making things worse. I will give you three strategies on letting go and moving into a more positive direction: 1. Something physical 2. Find new business 3. Repeat to yourself " I’m Open but...
08/20/2010 Happy Wednesday (and my birthday!) For today, I'd like to send out a message to everyone who is dealing with getting older and not having their goals realized in the short term. I want to make the point that it's important to put everything into perspective and to remember that ...
08/18/2010 Happy Wednesday! I want to give you the inspiration and motivation you need to move your life forward. I'd like to remind you that the addiction to the past and "the way it used to be" stops us from moving forward and getting ahead. Today, you have got to get inspired, remain in...
Happy August! 2 things today! #1. I just created another By Design Coaching Session for you… If you think this coaching video can help someone you know, I would really appreciate it if you please pass it on! I’m committed to keeping these videos current, motivating and on-point with ideas and str...

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