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Who will be best at working out the "Housing Crisis" that the politician and the media think we are in?Clinton and Obama thinks there should be a multibillion dollar bailout for big banks and speculators, John McCain seems to believes a balanced and transparency approach.  Which one is better?I'm...
I saw an article on MSN this week end and it was an arcticle about Generation Y and how they are the most educated generation and yet they are also the generation that is broke. The arcticle stated that 85% of Gen Y has a high school education and 27% has a college degree, yet they are also calle...
This generation is a generation that was the generation of love and peace and are now the conservatives of our of the 21st century.   There are alot of them out there and they are as I believe an untapped resource for our industry.This generation has a plan and they are intelligent enough to have...
Here in the Amarillo Area it would be hard to be fashionable in our windy City.  We do have our moments and we are becoming more concious with the green grocery bags, building new parks with conservation in mindThe  Greenways Development  has been cool before green was cool. The streets, houses, ...

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